Israeli meteorologist surprises public with vulgar display

Israeli meteorologist and television host Danny Roup surprised audiences with an indecent display during a Wednesday morning broadcast on Channel 13.
On the show, Hadas, a young tattoo artist, was invited to show his work camouflaging scars by tattooing on them. Fairies give tattoos to people who have hurt themselves. With her was a girl who got a fairy tattoo and used it to hide her scars, Mako reported.

Co-host Rotem Israel asked Roup if he had tattoos. In response, Roup thought it would be fun to “show where he got a tattoo” by pretending to remove his pants and hinting at his crotch in a provocative position in front of the panel of women and the public.

Israel, shocked by the act and visibly uncomfortable, responded, “Danny, sometimes your jokes aren’t that funny.”

Roup has since been suspended from live television broadcasting as a result of the incident, and Channel 13 said “this conduct is inappropriate and the case is being handled.”

After the incident, Roup stated that: “Rotem is a good friend of mine and an amazing colleague and one of the women in the media that I love and appreciate the most. It is unfortunate that in the end we cannot not have a laugh. On the one hand , we have to be careful and calculated. On the other hand, it is impossible for anything to go in this direction, we will just turn into robots without a sense of humor. Goodbye. “

Twitter users also commented on the incident, one of them saying, “what an idiot, I can’t think of any network in the world that doesn’t fire him.”

Another said, “What won’t you do to get attention? It was disgusting.”

Rotem Israel has declined to comment on the incident.

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