Harris Congratulates Youngkin on Governor’s Victory in Virginia

Vice President Harris congratulated Republicans on Wednesday Glenn youngkinGlenn Youngkin Democrats must stop infighting and four other lessons from the 2021 election Democrats feel new urgency on Biden’s agenda after Virginia defeat Republican optimism soars over Democratic debacle MORE for prevailing in the Virginia gubernatorial race while expressing disappointment over the defeat of Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

“I supported Terry McAuliffe. I think he would have been a great governor, but clearly it was a fair election and I applaud the governor-elect, ”Harris told reporters on Capitol Hill.

When asked about his message to Democrats after the Virginia loss, Harris said he would “leave that to the experts” before highlighting what he described as “great victories” for Eric Adams (D) in the mayoral race of New York City and Shontel Brown (D) at the Ohio 11th congressional district. Both results were expected.

Youngkin, a businessman who had never run for office before, was projected as the winner of the Virginia gubernatorial race shortly after midnight Tuesday, making him the first Republican to win a state election there in more than one of each.

McAuliffe, who previously served as Virginia governor and is a longtime member of Democratic politics, had won key endorsements from top Democrats like Harris, President BidenJoe Biden Five Takeaways from a Bleak Night for Democrats Youngkin Wins Virginia Governor’s Race Michelle Wu Chosen as Boston’s First Mayor MORE and ex President ObamaBarack Hussein Obama LIVE COVERAGE: Youngkin Wins Virginia; New Jersey gubernatorial race in tie Kal Penn says he was mocked by the Obamas for running for a White House job via the website Biden’s Policies Are Creating Jobs – For Robots MORE who had flocked to the state to campaign for him in recent weeks.

Harris appeared alongside McAuliffe at a campaign rally Friday night.

Democrats were disappointed in Virginia’s defeat along with a Democratic-led gubernatorial race in New Jersey, which remains too close to call.

Many Democrats argued Wednesday that the election results should prompt lawmakers to quickly pass Biden’s broad national agenda – an infrastructure bill and a social and climate spending package that have stalled on Capitol Hill amidst Democratic infighting.

Harris appeared on the Senate side Wednesday to preside over a vote on the John lewisJohn Lewis Manchin and Murkowski reviewed John Lewis Schumer’s voting rights bill to pass John Lewis’s voting rights bill by Wednesday To ensure equality for all, the Senate must end filibuster MORE Law for the promotion of the right to vote. All but one Republican senator voted to successfully block consideration of the bill.

“When it comes to voting rights in America, it is clear that voting rights are in jeopardy,” Harris told reporters after the vote. “The John Lewis Voting Rights Promotion Act is a law that deserves a solid debate in the United States Senate.”

“It is unfortunate that almost all Republicans in the United States Senate have refused to allow even a debate on this issue,” Harris said.


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