Fortnite: Brazilian gets scholarship to study and play in the US

Fortnite is one of the most successful games today, and apparently it can also be a great way to improve your education! At least that’s what Guilherme Mannarino shows us who, at just 17 years old, was approved in no less than 32 universities in the USA!

Second report from the G1 website, the young carioca managed to win full scholarships in three of them thanks to the investment of institutions such as the UCF (University of Central Florida) in e-sports teams. He started to pursue this after being dissatisfied with his studies at Enem and with visits to PUC and UFRJ colleges, which led him to search Instagram for young people with scholarships abroad.

“There are many sites in the US with e-sports technicians available,” explained Guilherme to G1. “We have to chase a lot, as this field is something new and not very publicized in Brazil. Colleges offered me scholarships to represent their teams, and I could choose any course that was available, such as computer engineering!”

The young man from Rio de Janeiro, Guilherme, got a full scholarship to study in the USA thanks to FortniteSource: G1

Still a student at the Franco-Brazilian high school, Guilherme follows a well-regulated discipline that involves three hours a day of study, five hours of training in Fortnite and breaks to practice physical activities. There is still a little time to study English later, something essential in the future college.

To site G1, Guilherme also lamented that Brazil is “much behind the United States in e-sports. Colleges there offer better structure, I’ve never seen anything like it here! American colleges have clubs to encourage technology, while here a good PC it costs BRL 7,000 and not everyone can buy it.”

What did you think of Guilherme’s story? Did you already know about these scholarship programs or have you thought about pursuing a career with a game? Let us know in the comments below!

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