Elections in New York, Virginia: What do the Jews think?

American Jews had mixed reactions to the dramatic outcome of the Virginia election on Wednesday in which Republican Glenn Youngkin removed Democrat Terry McAuliffe as governor of the state.

“It was not a pleasant night for Democrats,” said Zach Shartiag, chairman of the Young Democrats of America Jewish Caucus, which is a national organization for Democrats under 36. made life better for Virginians, so it’s bad that we’re probably stepping back with Glenn Youngkin. We knew it was going to be an uphill battle due to the history of this election, but it’s scary to see that his dog whistle tactics worked this time.

The Republican Jewish Coalition issued a statement congratulating Youngkin on his victory.

“We congratulate Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin on his victory. The Virginia gubernatorial race was an indicator of the type of problems, and the type of campaign, that will result in Republican victories in the 2022 midterm elections,” said Matt, executive director of the RJC. Streams. “

Republican candidate for governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin speaks during his nightly election party at a hotel in Chantilly, Virginia, USA, November 3, 2021 (credit: REUTERS / JONATHAN ERNST).

“I think this election in Virginia marks the first major rejection of Biden’s presidency, which has been a mixed bag for many American Jews,” said Emily Schrader, executive director of Social Lite Creative and an American political consultant. “While many were happy to see a transition away from Trump domestically, the fact is that he was a staunch supporter of Israel and, more importantly, sanctions were being applied to Iran. With Biden, we see a trend dangerous [in] the opposite direction. “

Youngkin’s victory was narrow, but the change of state from a state that was heavily Democratic during the presidential elections has been hailed by Republican commentators as a referendum on the Biden administration and an indication of momentum for future elections.

Glenn Youngkin proved it can be done, even in a ‘blue’ state that was 10% + Democratic just a year ago, and we look forward to seeing and supporting many, many more Republican victories next November as well, “Brooks said.

“It’s an off-cycle pick, so they generally have a lower turnout and can be difficult to read,” Shartiag said.

“I think it’s a wake-up call that we have a lot more work to do before 2022. I think there is some nervousness, but it also reaffirms the need to pass Biden’s Build Back Better plan to show that it can not only be delivered, but genuinely improving people’s lives. This re-emphasizes the need to continue to reach all voters and invest more in the organization. ”

“From the perspective of the Jewish Caucus, continue to invest more in the field, passing bold laws that improve people’s lives, and don’t be afraid to take chances to win / pass legislation. Have better messages overall.”

The election results led some Democrats to reevaluate their messaging strategies and some Republicans to attribute their victory to key campaign issues.

During the campaign, the Jewish Democratic Council of America described Youngkin as the “handpicked candidate” by former President Donald Trump and claimed he was “bringing Trump’s right-wing extremism to Virginia.”

“There are some lessons to be learned here. Democrats cannot simply run against Trump,” Shartiag said. “Much of the Republican Party in Virginia was based on the same principles as Trump, but repackaged it with a ‘friendlier face.’ Glenn Youngkin was able to avoid a nasty primary since he was selected at a convention, which means he had much smaller of an electorate to conquer and better control its image “.

“Youngkin ran without aligning himself with Trump and spoke out against the critical race theory that has been hotly contested in the United States in recent years because it portrays Jews as ‘white’ and erases much of the Jewish history and history as a minority group, “he said. Schrader. “His victory is a victory against the push toward critical race theory and shows that there is life for the GOP after Trump, perhaps a shift to a more moderate GOP remains to be seen.”

Conservatives campaigned heavily on education, specifically on the teaching of critical race theory and the alleged cover-up of sexual assault in a Loudoun County school district.

“It turns out that criticizing parents for teaching their children racial essentialism and gender theory by calling them racists is a bad electoral strategy. Who knew?” American Jewish conservative expert Ben Shapiro tweeted.

Batya Ungar-Sargon, Deputy Opinion Editor of Newsweek, tweeted that “the highly educated talkative class has indulged in so much taunting and smearing from parents that they cannot define critical race theory, but feel that their children are absorbing something that makes them uncomfortable. This is not about politics. , race or even culture wars. It’s about class. “

Shartiag noted that “there were also local elections in … other states yesterday. Many young people, including Jewish youth, ran and were elected to city councils, school boards, county councils, etc., which we as an organization love to see. We even if we won VA, I would still say that it is difficult to extrapolate much of [a] single data point “.

One of the other elections that took place on Wednesday was Eric Adams’ victory in the New York City mayoral race. The Associated Press rated Adams’ victory 10 minutes after the polls closed at 9 p.m.

Adams, who defeated Republican candidate Curtis Silwa in the overwhelming Democratic city, ran as a moderate Democrat who opposes the “police defunding” movement but promises to get rid of racist policing practices. He also describes himself as a “working-class” New Yorker, saying that working-class Democrats have been ignored by the more liberal wing of the party.

The Democratic Majority for Israel congratulated Adams “on his election as the 110th mayor of New York. We are delighted to see that Adams, a pro-Israeli Democrat, has emerged victorious, reaffirming that being pro-Israel is good policy as well. as a wise policy.. “

Haley Cohen contributed to this report.


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