Conservative Republican: Youngkin’s victory shows that the Republican Party must become a ‘party of fathers’

A conservative Republican is pushing for the GOP to become the “party of fathers” after Republican Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia gubernatorial race, with education at the center of the game as a key issue among the voters.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, a coalition of conservative Republicans, on Tuesday sent a memo for the group, which said the main lesson learned from Youngkin’s projected Old Dominion victory over former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) was that the Republican Party “can and should become the party of the fathers.”

Education became a key issue in the intense off-year elections, with the two candidates arguing over how involved parents should be in the school system.

The problem skyrocketed after the Sept. 29 debate, when McAuliffe said, “I don’t think parents should tell schools what to teach,” sparking outrage among Republicans. Meanwhile, Youngkin constantly advocated for parents to have more direct control over their children’s education.

The issue ended up being one of the main thoughts of Virginia voters. According to CNN exit polls, 24 percent of voters said that education was the most important problem facing Commonwealth, which was the second most important issue after the economy and employment with 33 percent.

Banks said Youngkin’s victory exposed “the real energy of parents that we must understand,” adding that the Republican Study Committee has been working to develop an education-focused agenda that will “fight for and empower parents.”

Listed 12 ideas the group is working on, including termination President BidenJoe Biden Five takeaways from a bleak night for Democrats Youngkin wins Virginia Governor’s race Michelle Wu elected as Boston’s first mayor MOREThe Title IX guide, promoting a landmark curriculum that focuses on the successes and failures of the founding of the USA, the passage of legislation to ensure that military schools do not use critical race theory and the passage of a bill that would guarantee that parents have access to the curriculum that their children are having in the classroom.

The congressman also listed educational problems that parents in the US are “fed up” with, including school closings due to “radical” teacher unions, forced masking of students, transgender politics in schools. schools that “endanger girls and undermine the achievements of girls who play sports.” “And the critical theory of race is being” imposed on their children. “

“The parents brought real energy to Virginia and it would be wise to listen and try to understand her concerns,” Banks wrote in the memo. “Those concerns cannot be addressed only with the policies that we traditionally associate with ‘education’.”

In addition to the importance of education, Banks said Youngkin’s victory in Virginia shows that mandates must be ended, law enforcement must be supported, and the party must continue to raise awareness of “the failures of the US economy. Biden “.

Mainstream media and cables called the Virginia gubernatorial race around 12:30 am ET Wednesday, after Youngkin took an early lead as the results began to roll in. With just over 95 percent of the vote, Youngkin led McAuliffe by about 67,000 votes, according to The Associated Press results.

Youngkin talked about education in his victory speech early Wednesday morning, telling the crowd “Day one, we’re going to work. We will restore excellence to our schools. We will invest the largest budget for education in the history of ELA ”.

“We are going to invest in teachers, new facilities, special education. We are going to introduce options into our public school system. What about that? Choice within the public school system ”, he added.

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