Biden says his economic agenda ‘should have passed before Election Day’

President BidenJoe Biden Five Takeaways from a Bleak Night for Democrats Youngkin Wins Virginia Governor’s Race Michelle Wu Chosen as Boston’s First Mayor MORE He said Wednesday that he wished his Build Back Better agenda had been approved by Congress before the previous day’s election, when Democrat Terry McAuliffe lost the Virginia gubernatorial race to Republicans. Glenn youngkinGlenn Youngkin Democrats must stop infighting and four other lessons from the 2021 election Democrats feel new urgency on Biden’s agenda after Virginia defeat Republican optimism soars over Democratic debacle MORE.

“I think it should have happened before Election Day, but I’m not sure I could have changed the number of very conservative people who flocked to the red districts who were Trump voters, but maybe, maybe,” Biden. he said at the White House when asked if McAuliffe would have won if the Democrats’ massive social spending bill had passed.

“I know we did it,” he responded to a reporter who noted that Virginia won by 10 points last year. “But … I was running against Donald trumpDonald Trump Republicans are poised to sweep Virginia, wowing Democrats Five takeaways from a bleak night for Democrats New Jersey’s gubernatorial race is too close to call for MORE. ”

The White House released a new framework last week for the $ 1.75 trillion package, which was cut from $ 3.5 trillion in an effort to get centrist groups to join in, but still included funding for climate initiatives. and money to expand programs around child care, education and health. watch out.

“What I do know is, I know that people want us to get things done, they want us to get things done and that’s why I keep pushing hard for the Democratic Party to move forward and pass my infrastructure bill and my Build Back Better bill. ”Biden said Wednesday.

The president argued that people are “upset and insecure about many things,” and mentioned COVID-19, schools, jobs and the price of gasoline.

“So if I can pass and sign my Build Back Better initiative, I’m in a position where you’ll see a lot of those things improve quickly and quickly. So that has to be done, ”he said.

The president said he called McAuliffe to congratulate him on his campaign on Wednesday after arriving back at the White House from a trip to the UK.

“Yesterday he reminded me that one of the sacred rights we have is to be able to cast our vote. And remember that we all have an obligation to accept the legitimacy of these elections, ”said Biden. “[McAuliffe] he got 600,000 more votes than any Democrat has gotten. ”

He added, “no governor of Virginia has [ever] won when he or she is from the same party as the incumbent president. ”

In Virginia, the president’s party has lost 11 of 12 previous gubernatorial elections, and McAuliffe’s victory in 2013 under the former President ObamaBarack Hussein Obama LIVE COVERAGE: Youngkin Wins Virginia; New Jersey gubernatorial race in tie Kal Penn says he was mocked by the Obamas for running for a White House job via the website Biden’s Policies Are Creating Jobs – For Robots MORE was the only exception.

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