Biden and Progressives Lead Democrats into the Wilderness

The 2021 elections were a blow to the Democrats. Not only was Glenn Youngkin elected governor of Virginia, but Republicans removed the incumbent attorney general from office and elected the first black female lieutenant governor in Virginia history. On top of that, high-profile progressives and their causes were crushed. The declared socialist candidate for mayor of Buffalo, NY, lost – Write in. The Minneapolis referendum to replace the police department also lost a lot.

Here are five key takeaways from Election Day 2021.

The infrastructure law will pass

The progressives decided to hold the $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill hostage for their grand wish list. That risky attitude failed spectacularly. The debacle on Democratic Election Day has completely severed their legs. The inability to pass any part of Biden’s agenda spoiled the Democratic message that they can and probably will. weighing your support.

Nancy pelosiNancy PelosiOn The Money – Presented by Citi – Democrats get closer to a deal on Biden’s agenda Moderate Democrats push for scores before voting on Biden’s package Democrats on cusp of broad deal on Biden’s agenda MORE (D-Calif.) And Chuck Shumer (DN.Y.) will push hard to pass the infrastructure bill that has been in the House. It has already been approved with bipartisan support in the Senate. Democrats have to start enacting popular things; the alternative is outright defeat in 2022. Progressives must face the fact that they don’t have the public behind them.

Democrats need Trump more than Republicans

Whether in TV commercials or campaign rhetoric, linking Glenn Youngkin to Donald trumpDonald Trump Republicans are poised to sweep Virginia, wowing Democrats Five takeaways from a bleak night for Democrats New Jersey’s gubernatorial race is too close to call for MORE was the main strategy of the Democrats. And not just for the governor of Virginia, but also for the vote. Even in the race for Attorney General, Democrats made up a complicated story to link Republican candidate Miyares to Trump. Democrats don’t have a unified affirmative message, and it shows. The party is a conflicting mass of conflicting interests that can only stand together against Trump.

On the YouGov reference point poll, Trump gets 92 percent disapproval of Democrats, stronger than President BidenJoe Biden Five Takeaways from a Bleak Night for Democrats Youngkin Wins Virginia Governor’s Race Michelle Wu Chosen as Boston’s First Mayor MORE88 percent approval, and a higher number than on any topic or opinion on any candidate. Without Trump, where are the Democrats? Nowhere. They desperately need him to be prominent.

For Republicans, the opposite is true. Trump has served his purpose and the Republican Party no longer needs him. Trump can show off all he wants and claim credit, but the fact is, after winning the Republican nomination, Youngkin pushed Trump aside, treating him like a tire fire surrounded by toxic waste. Youngkin touched on issues that mattered to Virginia, taking mainstream positions. When Trump threatened to upset the apple cart by breaking in at the last minute, Youngkin was cleared He didn’t even want to be on the same Zoom call as Trump.

And rejecting Trump was undoubtedly the right decision. Youngkin’s victory is a model for Republicans in 2022 – run on your own, address voter concerns, and do your best not to become a cat’s paw for Trump. The danger is grave for Republican Senate candidates. Herschel Walker in Georgia and Sean Parnell in Pennsylvania are at particular risk of being harassed by Trump.

Obama is a spent force

Occasionally, the McAuliffe campaign took a break from Trump’s ads to run ads with ex President ObamaBarack Hussein Obama LIVE COVERAGE: Youngkin Wins Virginia; New Jersey gubernatorial race in tie Kal Penn says he was mocked by the Obamas for running for a White House job via the website Biden’s Policies Are Creating Jobs – For Robots MORE. Obama is by far the most popular prominent politician in America. With 52 percent approval and 41 percent disapproval, Obama is far ahead of everyone else surveyed by YouGov. The closest Democrat is Biden with an overall approval rating of 44 percent. However, Obama is just a Democratic phenomenon, polls are slightly below water with independents (45 percent approval and 47 percent disapproval).

The energy of the Democratic Party has shifted to Obama’s left. Outside of attacking Trump and offering his personal endorsement, Obama has no real message.

Celebrity endorsements are and have been highly overrated for a long time. I’m sure McAuliffe, the consummate whistleblower / solver, got a little excited every time he heard the words of approval from the elite Democratic hero Obama. For McAuliffe, his campaign was a continuous carousel of VIP Democrats. But the voters don’t really care about that. They want candidates to address their problems.

Obama and other famous politicians are great at raising money, but not so great at getting votes. Youngkin got it right – run on your own and on issues that are important to voters and keep celebrities at private fundraising receptions.

The Lincoln Project is a Republican asset

Part frat joke, part attention-grabbing and all about money, has there ever been an independent advocate with a worse electoral record than Project Lincoln? Outside of Biden’s victory, an outcome for which they cannot reasonably claim any credit, Project Lincoln has lost every race it has ever faced. The group’s ridiculous tiki torch trick was a disaster. These are America’s worst political consultants. Now that they have burned their Republican bridges and ruined the Democratic campaigns, they are the biggest outcasts in politics.

After two years of collecting money from the gullible Trump haters and losing, can they keep going back to that pit? Maybe the Republican National Committee should start funding them, they are the best asset the Republican Party has, along with Joe Biden.

Unless the Republican Party ruins it, 2022 will be a catastrophe for Democrats.

If the lesson for Democrats is that going to extremes and failing to deliver is toxic (that’s the message), then Republicans need to heed that message, too.

Voters are in a bad mood, and the White House party never works well in such an environment. With a 63 percent average saying America is on the “wrong track” and that Biden’s approval got stuck in the 40 bass, the headwinds are fierce. Worse yet, Republicans are rising huge advantages on critical issues, including +24 on inflation and +18 on economics.

Democrats will almost certainly lose the House and the Senate is clearly at risk. The incumbent Democratic senator from New Hampshire. Maggie HassanMargaret (Maggie) HassanJean Rounds, wife of South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds, dies of cancer Poll: New Hampshire Senate Competes Strongly Progressives reject decision to cut Biden’s paid family leave program MORE constantly trails Republican Chris sununuChris SununuPoll: New Hampshire’s Narrow Senate Race Democratic incumbents bolster fundraising advantage in key Senate races The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Alibaba – Vote or Not? Pelosi faces an infrastructure decision MOREwhile Democrats in Georgia, Nevada and Arizona have a limited advantage.

But Republicans must contain their enthusiasm. Its advantage is due to a combination of Democratic mistakes and the contradictions of the rebellious Democratic coalition. Biden’s clumsiness in Afghanistan and the inability to pass significant major legislation is dragging them down. Trying to cater to each of your narrow special interests and confusing the mass of shifting identities is impossible. If the people decide that the identity imposed by the elite no longer matters, the Democrats lose. When a Hispanic mother decides that her son’s education is more important than his skin tone, Democratic loyalty to the teachers’ unions becomes untenable; after all, there are more parents than teachers.

And then there is Trump. It is still very unpopular. Biden’s disapproval may be 51 percent (YouGov), but Trump is 55 percent. Trump is below Biden and Kamala harrisKamala HarrisAmerica Latest: Biden Fills Up With Oprah, Considers 0K Payments To Illegal Immigrants Separated At Border Harris Makes Final Pitch For McAuliffe McAuliffe, Youngkin Posts Closure Announcements Before Virginia Elections MORE. Trump is likely to keep inserting himself anywhere and everywhere, whether he wants to or not.

Democrats are totally dependent on Trump to keep them in the political game. Unfortunately for the Republican Party, Trump is likely to please them.

Keith Naughton, Ph.D., is a co-founder of Silent Majority Strategies, a regulatory and public affairs consulting firm. Naughton is a former Pennsylvania political campaign consultant. Follow him on Twitter @ KNaughton711.

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