Bezeq-Walla Affair: Nir Hefetz to Testify Against Netanyahu on Nov. 16

Nit Hefetz, a star witness for the state prosecutor’s office and former senior assistant to Benjamin Netanyahu, will begin his testimony against the former prime minister on November 16, based on a decision by the Jerusalem District Court on Wednesday.

Some call Hefetz the most critical witness of the entire trial because he is one of only two witnesses who can directly point to Netanyahu on charges of bribery in the media for Case 4000, the Bezeq-Walla case.

However, the other witness, another former Netanyahu senior aide, Shlomo Filber, will primarily provide a narrative only on the Communications Ministry side of the matter, while Hefetz may connect the dots on both the Communications Ministry and the Communications side. Walla’s media side.

Simply put, Hefetz is expected to testify that Netanyahu gave him orders dozens of times over several years to order former Walla CEO Ilan Yeshua to run the coverage as the former prime minister wanted, just as Netanyahu gave him orders. to ensure that the policy of the Ministry of Communications benefited. The owner of Bezeq and Walla, Shaul Elovitch.

While there have been many important witnesses to date, especially Yeshua and the former Director General of the Ministry of Communications Avi Berger, Hefetz was closer to the prime minister than any of them.

Nir Hefetz, former associate of Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu and state witness in Case 4000 (credit: AVSHALOM SASSONI)

Hefetz served for years not only as a spokesperson for Netanyahu, but often as a go-between for complex tasks and clean-ups in gray areas.

Until February 2018, Hefetz maintained his and Netanyahu’s innocence.

However, once he was arrested, detained and pressured on a variety of fronts, including regarding his personal life, he accepted a plea deal to testify against Netanyahu in exchange for immunity.

Netanyahu has attacked Hefetz as a traitor who cannot be trusted and simply parroted what the prosecution asked him to save his own skin.

There have been heated debates between the prosecution and the defense about how Hefetz was questioned and whether the defense can pierce a gag order on the pressure that the police may have put on him regarding aspects of his personal life, with a headline that prompts Hefetz to express his fury. to Netanyahu’s supporters who he said were trying to destroy him for telling the truth.

The prosecution has said that even if there are issues with some aspects of Hefetz’s testimony, there is great supporting evidence and that he is an irreplaceable witness to tie together all the different aspects of the case.

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