Been investigating the LGBTQ Atraf website for flawed cyber defenses

The Privacy Defense Authority announced Wednesday that it is investigating the Atraf website for LGBTQ dating for flawed cyber defenses that may have led to its recent hacking.

Last weekend, Black Shadow announced its hack of Cyberserve, which hosted Atraf, and hackers have been exposing the website’s LGBTQ customers’ personal information in waves over the course of this week, threatening to reveal more until be paid a ransom.

The Authority said that it is not a coincidence that the website has been down since the hacking and that it may remain inactive indefinitely due to the website owner’s lack of cyber protection of their customers’ personal data.

Additionally, the Authority noted efforts by other state agencies to block search engines and social media sites from displaying personal information, warning that anyone displaying such information could be guilty of a crime.

Furthermore, the Authority said that it has instructed Atraf to provide immediate and exact details to clients on what information was hacked and leaked, something that hacked companies often try to delay due to embarrassment.


To date, the Authority has been deemed weak and its investigation of the Likud party from February 2020 to February this year for failing to protect the details of 6.4 million Israeli citizens was widely criticized.

The result of the investigation was a low-grade fine from Likud with no criminal charges.

However, the latest wave of cyberattacks may be another opportunity for the Authority to show its muscles.

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