The Amazon: Save it or exploit it?

Despite growing international concern about global warming, one of the world’s greatest defenses against climate change, the Amazon rainforest, is increasingly under attack from deforestation.

But while environmentalists view protecting the Amazon as vital, many of those who work and earn a living in it, including those who cut down its trees, say they depend on the forest and its resources for their own survival.

On Tuesday, at the COP26 climate summit, more than 100 countries, covering roughly 85% of the world’s rainforests, will sign a pledge that promises to halt deforestation by 2030.

Brazil is among the signatories, although President Jair Bolsonaro will not attend the summit and deforestation has increased under his leadership.

BBC international correspondent Orla Guerin visited the Brazilian state of Rondônia and met with four people with different opinions: a logger, an environmental policeman, a rancher and an environmental activist.

Producer: Wietske Burema

Camera: Goktay Koraltan

Editor: Greg Brosnan

More about the climate summit:

The COP26 global climate summit in Glasgow in November is seen as crucial if climate change is to be controlled. Almost 200 countries are being asked about their plans to reduce emissions, which could lead to major changes in our daily lives.

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