Sheikh Jarrah residents reject High Court compromise

The four Palestinian families in Sheik Jarrah who have been under threat of evacuation on Monday rejected the High Court of Justice’s pledge that would allow them to stay in their homes for 15 years as protected tenants, as long as they pay a small monthly rent to the Nahalat Company. Shimon.

“We reject the ‘proposal’ of the ‘Supreme Court of Israel’, which would have left us’ protected tenants at the mercy of settler organizations,” the families said in a statement.

“We stand firm in our refusal to compromise our rights despite the lack of institutional guarantees that would protect our presence as Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem,” they said.

“The Israeli judiciary is shirking its duty to adjudicate the case and is forcing us to choose between our own dispossession or submit to an oppressive arrangement. Naturally, we refuse to commit someone else’s crimes.”

“Such ‘compromises’ create the illusion of the ball on our court, fabricating a framework in which we reject ‘generous treatment’, in a situation where our dispossession would still be imminent and our homes would still be regarded as someone else’s. Such “Tratos” distracts from the crime at hand: ethnic cleansing perpetrated by a judicial system of settlers and their settlers. “

Hundreds of Jews and Arabs gather in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to protest the impending evictions, May 21, 2021 (credit: NIV BEILI)

“The international community has long held that the expansion of settlers and the forced expulsion in Sheikh Jarrah are war crimes. Therefore, it must respond to serious violations of international law with real diplomatic and political repercussions. It should not be maintain the culture of inaction and impunity, “he continued. .

“It is time for our Nakba to end. Our families deserve to live in peace without the looming ghost of impending dispossession,” they concluded.

In an unrelated ruling, the High Court also ruled Sunday for the evacuation of an Arab-owned parking lot and car wash in Sheikh Jarrah in favor of a public garden.
The Superior Court compromise was offered on October 4. The initial offer was that during the 15 years of protected tenure, the issue of land ownership could be adjudicated, but in the meantime, the court would recognize the families as protected tenants and the Jews. they owned the Nahalat Shimon company as owners of the property. As protected tenants, families would have the right to make repairs or renovations to the property. They should pay rent every two years in the amount of 2,400 shekels.

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