Netanyahu supporters must surrender and surrender – editorial

On Monday, KAN radio interviewed Likud MP David Amsalem ahead of the next state budget vote.

Amsalem was asked about a petition published last week asking Likud members to commit to never forming a government or joining a government with supporters of terrorism, or one that relies on the support of people who have expressed your past support or sympathy for the terrorists. .

Amsalem was not asked why the Likud Party partnered with Itamar Ben-Gvir, a deputy convicted in the past of supporting a terrorist movement, but about Ra’am leader Mansour Abbas, whose party is now indicted – for the Likud – of supporting terrorists. . He was then asked why almost the entire Likud faction had signed the petition, but party leader Benjamin Netanyahu had not.

Amsalem replied: “The prime minister does not sign petitions.” The answer left interviewers in shock, and after a couple of seconds, one responded, “What do you mean? I just want to remind you that he is not the prime minister. “

Then Amsalem said, “Why does it matter? He is the prime minister for me. He is not the acting prime minister, but he was the prime minister and will be the prime minister. “

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Communications Minister David Amsalem at a Likud meeting after the elections (credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)

That answer was not a gaffe. These comments are part of a long list of statements made by Likud members since the current government was formed, with the aim of undermining the government’s legitimacy.

Two weeks ago, Netanyahu celebrated his 72nd birthday in the Knesset. In a video that later went viral, the entire faction was seen giving a standing ovation and cheerfully chanting, “Happy birthday, Mr. Prime Minister.”

You could say that the title is an honorary title awarded to those who served in the highest public position, as is common in the United States, where “president” is a life title.

But that is not the case in Israel. We have seen prime ministers stay in politics after losing an electoral race, and none have retained the title. When Ehud Barak became Defense Minister in 2007, no one referred to him as “Prime Minister Barak” or even “former Prime Minister Barak”, they called him “Defense Minister Barak”. When interviewed today, he is simply known as Mr. Barak (after being introduced as a former prime minister).

The same goes for Yitzhak Rabin, who served as prime minister from 1974 to 1977, then served as minister in the 1980s. Even Yitzhak Navon, after serving as the country’s president, was called “Minister Navon” when he was appointed. became Minister of Education and Culture in 1984.

But the topic at hand is not about titles. It is simply a small but vocal group that will accept no one but Netanyahu as prime minister.

The seeds of this poisonous plant were planted when Netanyahu was still prime minister. His fellow Likud members were expected to abide by his rules, express unequivocal support, and defend him on television and radio. Those who dared to speak out against him, like Gideon Sa’ar, were immediately labeled traitors and, God forbid, “leftists.”

The same process is taking place against Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. He is called of all kinds and continuous efforts are made to undermine the legitimacy of his mandate.

And there is a dimension of hypocrisy in this process. When Sa’ar recently introduced a bill that would prevent an accused candidate from running for prime minister, Netanyahu, and the Likud dubbed it an “Iranian bill,” suggesting it was undemocratic. But let’s not forget that it was Likud that suggested passing a bill to install the direct vote for prime minister when it saw that Netanyahu could not form a government and the “change bloc” was about to form a coalition.

Which is more “Iranian”, acting as if there is only one person in nine million Israelis who is fit to be prime minister or supporting a legitimate coalition made up of the majority of the Knesset?

It is time for Netanyahu supporters to become mensches and accept the will of the people. There is a legitimate government in place, and as they always said: a prime minister is replaced only at the polls.

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