Manchin didn’t sign the frame, didn’t rush to get a deal

Its. Joe manchinJoe Manchin On The Money – Presented by Citi – Progressives ignore Manchin warning Cori Bush criticizes Manchin for opposition to spending bill: ‘Anti-Black, anti-child, anti-woman and anti-Immigrant’ Overnight Energy & Environment – Presented by The American Petroleum Institute – Glasgow Summit begins MORE (DW.Va.) said it did not pass a framework for a $ 1.75 trillion social and climate spending bill before it was published by the White House, and that it did not believe there would be a “rush” to get it done. a deal.

“No,” Manchin said, asked if he had signed on the frame, adding that if he had, his current rejection would not be “genuine.”

“The White House knew exactly where I was. There were a couple of concerns that we had to resolve, ”Manchin said.

“I’ve been here long enough to know that when you say you signed some things, you must keep your word and I am not going to be a liar or make a liar of anyone, so that’s why I didn’t. ”He added.

The White House on Thursday unveiled the framework for the $ 1.75 trillion spending deal, and White House officials predicted it would win the support of all Democrats.

Manchin, who was asked if he had thrown a curve ball at Biden as he prepared to go abroad for an international conference on climate change, responded, pointing to progressives in the House of Representatives.

“Not at all. Basically, I feel like it’s time to do something. The president is there. He went there. He asked for something before he left and everyone ignored him. I didn’t ignore him,” Manchin said, referring to Biden’s meeting with the Democratic House. .

“It was very easy to ask to just vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. It has a huge amount of clean energy, ”he added.

Biden hoped to attend the COP26 conference in Glasgow with evidence of America’s commitment to climate change after the Trump years, when the United States moved away from reducing emissions. However, Manchin’s objections led to cuts to key programs that progressives had wanted to include in the framework’s climate provisions.

Manchin, who noted a week ago that he had negotiated the maximum figure, made clear Monday that he was not yet ready to support it.

House Democrats expect to vote on both the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which was approved by the Senate in August, and the climate and social spending bill this week.

Its. Dick durbinDick DurbinOn The Money – Presented by Citi – Progressives Ignore Manchin Manchin’s Warning Frustrates Democrats With Latest Outburst Democrats Face Monster Collision in December MORE (D-Ill.) He told The Hill that Senate Democrats are still waiting to pass the bill by Thanksgiving, giving them less than three weeks, though he acknowledged it was not insured.

“It is not a hard and fast prediction, but our hope is to make it before Thanksgiving,” he said.

But Manchin said that while he believes Democrats will finally pass something, saying “we’re going to do something,” he didn’t see the week-long recess, scheduled to begin Nov. 22, as a strict deadline. .

“I am not restricting time. I think it will take a long time. … I think it will take time. We’re not in a rush at the moment, ”Manchin said.

He added Tuesday that he wants an analysis from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) on the bill’s impact and costs, and does not yet support the inclusion of Medicare expansion or paid leave in the bill.

“I am not in favor of any expansion that basically has a trust fund that is insolvent,” he said, when asked about Medicare.

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