It’s ‘Come on Brandon!’ a form of hate speech?

It is at the top of the iTunes charts.

It is prevalent in college football games, NFL games, NASCAR, and the World Series, even in states that have opted for Joe bidenJoe Biden Biden Administration Targets Methane Emissions McConnell Criticizes Possible Payments to Separated Migrant Families Poll: 50 percent of Republicans don’t think their vote is accurately counted MORE in the 2020 presidential election.

“Come on Brandon!” started exactly a month ago at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, courtesy of an NBC Sports reporter who was interviewing driver Brandon Brown after he won his first Xfinity Series race. A crowd behind Brown was yelling “F *** Joe Biden.” The reporter claimed that the crowd was actually yelling “Come on, Brandon.” And, thanks to social media, it quickly went viral.

Now it seems that wherever the president goes, “Brandon” follows him.

Conservatives have embraced the chant as another example of liberal bias in mainstream media, while liberal Twitter has gone astray in trying to decode it. But things really came to a head when a Southwest Airlines pilot could (the jury is still out on this) have said “Come on, Brandon” while updating passengers during a flight. In fact, he could have said “Let’s Go Braves” in honor of the National League champions Atlanta Braves, but it’s too hard to say.

Never mind. The outrage machine on the left increased to 11, even by the AP reporter, who first recounted what he thought he heard regarding the pilot over the public address system. Colleen Long even demanded comment from said pilot during the flight, who was behind a locked cockpit door for security reasons at the time.

Two CNN national security analysts also weighed in, including Asha Rangappa, a former FBI agent, who absurdly equated a joke like “Let’s Brandon” with declaring “Long live ISIS.”

Another analyst, Juliette Kayyem, speculated, without a shred of evidence, that the pilot may have anger issues, perhaps for telling a joke, or is a substance abuser.

The ridiculous backlash prompted Southwest to launch an investigation.

“Southwest is conducting an internal investigation into the recently reported event and will address the situation directly with any Employees involved while continuing to remind all Employees that public expression of personal opinions while on duty is unacceptable,” the airline told the AP. We will not tolerate any divisive behavior as it does not reflect the Southwest hospitality and inclusiveness for which we are known and we strive to toast every day on every flight. “

Here’s how it works: poking fun at the current president, who is fighting mightily, to the point where 71 percent of Americans believe that the country is going astray – and prepare to lose your job. Ask comedian Dave Chappelle about what are considered to be the right jokes and the wrong jokes to make. Fortunately for sanity, Chappelle is fighting the cancellation culture brigade.

We are all old enough to remember when actor Robert DeNiro said something much worse about then-President TrumpDonald TrumpMcAuliffe, Youngkin hold final campaign rallies ahead of tight Virginia gubernatorial race Poll: 50 percent of Republicans don’t think their vote is accurately counted overnight Defense and National Security: The Sub-Deal Showdown intensifies MORE on the use of a real F-bomb on national television during an awards show:

… Or Madonna saying she was thinking of blowing up the White House shortly after Trump was elected:

… Or former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick for making political statements during games and being hailed as a national treasure for doing so:

… Or the Virginia cyclist who “got famous” in a Trump motorcade before running for public office based on her new celebrity, and actually won the election.

All in the name of freedom of expression.

But on the left, freedom of speech is a thing only when it is the Right speaks, that is, speaks with which they agree. And that’s quite a bad dish.

“Come on Brandon!” it is a battle cry for the right. Sane people find it funny.

It is not hate speech. It is a harmless political speech.

And the more the hypocritical awakened mob tries to suppress it, the louder and more widespread the chant will become.

Joe Concha is a political and media columnist for The Hill and a contributor to Fox News.

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