This week: Democrats prepare to test Biden’s economic package again

Democrats are ready to try, again, this week to advance President BidenJoe Biden White House reveals strategy for net zero goal by 2050 Southwest investigation report Pilot said ‘Let’s Brandon’ in flight House Rules Committee will not meet Monday on reconciliation package MORETwo-part economic package after forced to clear amid deep divisions within the party.

Democrats in Congress and the White House spent the weekend negotiating after Biden’s visit to Hill to present a framework for a $ 1.75 trillion bill that failed to secure Thursday’s vote on the bill. infrastructure law passed by the Senate and instead sparked a frenzy to end social and climate policy. legislation on expenditures.

Initially, the Democratic leadership of the House of Representatives hoped to be able to vote on both bills on Tuesday, the same day that the Virginia gubernatorial race followed closely, and the Rules Committee is expected to meet on Monday.

“We are going to pass those two bills that you have been hearing about. We are going to pass them. The vote has been called for Tuesday. We are going to take this vote, and we are going to pass them,” House Majority Whip Jim ClyburnJames (Jim) Enos ClyburnBlack Caucus Emerges Winner in Clyburn Spending Package: Divisions Threaten Democratic Majorities in House, Senate Global Lobbying MORE (DS.C.) said at an event in Virginia over the weekend.

But instead, a House leadership aide said Sunday that the plan had been delayed as Democrats continued to negotiate and draft the roughly $ 1.75 trillion social and climate spending plan.

Democrats say they are closing in on a deal to include prescription drug negotiations in the final bill after it was dropped out of the frame, after a source told The Hill that a deal was reached between the Sen. Kyrsten CinemaKyrsten SinemaBiden sparks high-level dispute over spending framework Officials and lawmakers express optimism that infrastructure and voting spending is close to Buttigieg in passing spending packages: ‘We are the closest we’ve ever been’ MORE (D-Ariz.) And the White House still didn’t have enough votes.

A leadership assistant said Sunday that they had made “great progress” in the language of Medicare prescription drugs.

“That bill is still literally being worked on today. Tomorrow it will work. I think we are making some progress to make it even stronger than it is, ”Sen said. Bernie sandersBernie SandersHouse Rules Committee not meeting Monday on reconciliation package Biden triggers high-stakes fight over spending framework Officials and lawmakers express optimism that infrastructure and voting spending are close MORE (I-Vt.) He told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

But that means the Rules Committee will not meet on Monday, although both the aide and Biden said Sunday that they expect House votes this week on the two-part package. The aide noted that the House Rules Committee will meet “as soon as possible this week,” which would set the stage for bringing the bills to the floor.

The push to move forward this week comes after the House Democratic leadership rejected plans to vote on the infrastructure bill passed by the Senate last Thursday after a visit to Biden’s Capitol failed. an agreement before leaving for a trip to Italy and Scotland. .

Pelosi initially indicated that she would bring the Senate bill to the floor on Thursday, but progressives warned they would not support the bill without a commitment from Senate moderates on the details of separate climate and social spending legislation.

“I think there has to be a framework agreed to in the Senate that we all know will be implemented before the members of the House vote,” Sanders told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Even when progressives blocked swift passage of the Senate infrastructure bill, they indicated that they hoped both bills could pass the House as soon as this week.

“Well, we are working to add things. I mean, the negotiation is taking place. I will be a yes. I think we can have the vote on Tuesday, ”said Rep. Ro khannaRohit (Ro) KhannaRo Khanna optimistic that ‘maybe a Republican’ would vote for an independent bill on paid family leave on Sunday shows progress: Frustration rises as infrastructure talks hit reverse Energy and environment overnight – Presented by American Clean Power – Big Oil Day in Congress MORE (D-Calif.) He told CBS News on “Face the Nation.”

If the House passes reconciliation legislation this week, they may have to pass it again later this month.

The Senate is still waiting for its latest immigration reform plan to be approved by the MP and the updated text released by the House Rules Committee last week includes placeholder language that has already been rejected by the MP.

And because Democrats are using reconciliation, an arcane budget process, to pass the spending bill without the need for Republican votes in the Senate, they will have to go through a marathon voting process known as vote-a-branch where Any senator who wants to try to change the bill can.

Any changes made by the Senate will need to be approved by the House before the bill can be sent to Biden.


Senate Majority Leader Charles schumerChuck Schumer Democrats Face Wrath From Women Over Loss Of Paid Leave Ocasio-Cortez Presses Biden On Student Debt: ‘You Don’t Need Manchin’s Permission For Those’ 535 ‘Presidents’ With Veto Power: Why The budget agreement remains elusive MORE (DN.Y.) has submitted multiple nominations for votes in the Senate as Democrats continue negotiations on their spending package.

The Senate will vote Monday night on the nominations of Beth Robinson to be US Circuit Judge for the Second Circuit and Toby Heytons for US Circuit Judge for the Fourth Circuit.

Schumer has also put to a vote this week the nomination of Jonathan Davidson to be Deputy Under Secretary of the Treasury, Benjamin Harris to be Under Secretary of the Treasury, Isobel Coleman to be Deputy Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, Jeffrey Prieto to be Assistant Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and Rajesh Nayak to be Undersecretary of Labor.

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