NGO Fellows Traveling With Views of Palestinian Terror

The decision by Benny Gantz, Israel’s defense minister, to ban six non-governmental organizations that provide services to the Arab population of the Palestinian National Authority as EU-funded terrorist groups came too late.
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Over the past decade, at least three Israeli watchdog organizations, NGO-Monitor, Palestine Media Watch and Regavim, have sounded the alarm about the real nature of those six NGOs. And your information was obtained from open sources.

It was well documented that one of these NGOs employed a mastermind of an August 2019 terrorist attack with a bomb controlled in a well to swim near the West Bank settlement of Dolev that killed an Israeli teenager. In May, we were informed that four Arabs from the Palestinian territories will be charged with channeling
humanitarian aid to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a designated terrorist group. In February 2020, the UN was informed of these terrorist links.

Of course, we all await the evidence to be presented and the conclusion of the trial, but the outrage and fulmination, as well as the official US reaction that somehow US officials were not informed of the groups’ alleged terrorist affiliations , indicates that something deeper is at stake here.

IDF troops in search of the terrorist who carried out the shooting attack near Dolev

We are witnessing the European Union, and perhaps the US State Department, go from pronouncements, press releases and project funding to intimidate and apply diplomatic force against Israel. It is as if Israel has no right to defend itself, conduct investigations, suspect wrongdoing and uncover immoral money.
transfers disguised as “human rights” or, as State Department spokesman Ned Price put it, “civil society organizations.”

But in addition to this, what is at the root of the dispute seems to be that Israel is considered, without proof, by the providers of this money as an apartheid state and the illegitimate administrator of territories won in a defense war. As such, they do not mind, and some seem to encourage, the use of a right of resistance. Cast
“Right” is translated on the ground in the use of violence against Israeli civilians.

They do not promote peaceful coexistence. They do not have Jewish residents and Arab residents who share discussion sessions, cultural activities, sports or any other project that can generate the will of all to accept a two-state solution. In the end, the only “humans” who possess “rights” in this situation would appear to be exclusively

It was Tuvia Tenenbom, disguised as “Tobias”, who in her book “Catch the Jew” sheds an investigative light on what he called the “peace industry” funded by foreign nations and NGOs. If that funding were reduced or spent properly, thousands of “good souls” would lose their jobs and their reason for being. And the local Arabs would have less momentum
potentially to divert funds for terror.

Instead of propping up the violence, we could have had a peaceful demeanor, commitment, and coexistence a long time ago. As an example, in 2019, it was made clear to the EU that their money was spent on BDS campaigns and the demonization of Israel.

Furthermore, the return, in early October, of the United States to the United Nations Human Rights Council is, in relation to this latest incident, all the more worrying. This body, fed with lies and misrepresentations, many of them even anti-Semitic, by organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, which do not.
The independent investigation, but which relies on reports by, among others, these six PFLP NGOs to sully Israel, has created a cauldron of fierce hostility. This is combined with the fact that the diplomatic corps and foreign affairs officials of related countries who attend international conclaves and approve the spending are younger.
and they have been raised in universities, which are not necessarily friends with Israel and the Jews, and their training is to accept the Arab narrative of the “Palestinian Question.”

The US State Department is being informed of the information on which Minister Gantz made his decision. I guess other EU states are too. If the information is reliable and true, will there be an apology forthcoming? And will these activist diplomats admit error? Or should Israel be treated as an outcast, the target of the Arabs?
propaganda all these last decades?

What is also disturbing is the blind commitment shown by Israel and Jewish groups. A petition from the Peace Now organization refers to “Palestinian civil society and human rights organizations” that have “long faced such false accusations” regarding their ties to terrorism. Delegates from 25 Israeli civil society groups appeared in Ramallah on
Wednesday to express solidarity with their counterparts in the

The feeling is that regardless of the evidence available to Europeans, Americans and certain Israelis, they will not budge from their idée fixe, because the alternative would be disastrous for them. Israel seems to have no right to be preserved and protected.

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