Huma Abedin, candidate for political office: ‘I’m not saying no to anything’

Huma Abedin, a former assistant to Hillary clintonHillary Diane Rodham Clinton Franken Discards Challenge Against Gillibrand for Senate Seat Abedin Says Anger Over Weiner ‘Nearly Killed Me’ In 2022 And ‘The Passion Gap’: Why Republicans Are Most Excited MORE and the estranged wife of former Representative Anthony Weiner (DN.Y.), does not rule out a possible run for political office one day, stating in an interview: “I’m not saying no to anything.”

When asked on NBC’s “Today” if he would ever run for office, Abedin quoted television producer Shonda Rhimes, telling host Savannah Guthrie: “This is my year of saying yes, I am not going. to say no to anything “.

Pressed on whether that means she will mount a political campaign one day, Abedin said, “Well, that was it, I don’t know.”

When asked about what he sees for his future in general, Abedin, whose new book “Both / And: A Life in Many Worlds” will be published on Tuesday, told Guthrie that he is in “a whole new chapter” as he writes. and now promote your book.

“I’m doing something with you Savannah, that my entire adult life terrified me, which is exposing myself and being in public, so I’m looking forward to my next chapter,” she said.

Abedin has worked for Clinton for 25 years, beginning her career in Washington as a White House intern in the first lady’s office, then traveling with her from the Senate to the State Department and on the election campaign.

She has remained behind the scenes during her time in politics, although she has remained connected to Clinton. Now, however, the lifelong assistant is not ruling out an offer of her own.

Abedin’s book is already in the headlines. An excerpt published by The Guardian last week details an incident from the mid-2000s when Abedin said that an unidentified US senator tried to forcibly kiss her.

She told Norah O’Donnell during an interview that aired on “CBS Sunday Morning” this weekend that her anger at Weiner “almost killed her.”

Abedin stayed with Weiner through a series of scandals. He resigned from Congress in 2011 after confessing to sending sexually explicit photos of himself to several women.

Weiner was caught sending photos again in 2013. Abedin finally parted ways with him in 2016, when the FBI found some of Clinton’s assistant’s emails on Weiner’s laptop, prompting the then-FBI director to James ComeyJames Brien ComeyTrump Defends Accused Republican Congressman Andrew McCabe’s Agreement With The Justice Department Is A Sign That John Durham Giuliani Told Investigators It Was Ok To ‘Drop A Fake’ During The MORE Campaign reopen the investigation into Clinton’s emails eleven days before the 2020 presidential election.

The reopening of the investigation has been credited by many, including Clinton, as solidifying his loss to the then-Republican nominee. Donald trumpDonald Trump: Impressive Poll Gives Gloomy View of Burgeoning Anti-Democratic Opinions Southwest Investigation Report Pilot Said ‘Let’s Brandon’ On Flight Texas Police Denied Requests to Escort Biden’s Bus Surrounded by Trump Supporters – Report PLUS in the race.

Abedin told Guthrie that she “lived with a tremendous amount of guilt” after the investigation was reopened and Clinton lost the election, adding that she will. “take that to my grave. “

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