Fortnite ends its presence in China in November

Fortnite, one of the biggest phenomenons in the gaming world, will give up offering its services in China. The information is available on the game’s official website, announcing that the game will end on November 15 in the country.

Epic Games has not yet released a specific reason to remove Fortnite from China, but speculation is that this has to do with even stricter rules for the availability of games aimed at kids and the time they can spend playing online there.

Fortnite officially arrived in China for the first time in April 2018, but had to go through certain changes to conform to the country’s standards for games aimed at younger gamers. Changes were made to skins and other parts of the game so as not to show skulls, and Epic also took away its feature to encourage creators not to get tangled up with the country’s laws.

But the part that perhaps most displeased Epic was that the game didn’t support microtransactions in China. The country has very strict rules against the model in games like Fortnite and against gambling in general.

There are several changes that Epic has to keep an eye on and that will probably result in smaller gains, which makes it less interesting to sustain Fortnite in China. As of today, November 1st, it is no longer possible to create new accounts in the game in the country, and on November 15th all access will be closed.

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