Biden warns of ‘existential’ climate threat at Glasgow summit

President BidenJoe Biden White House reveals strategy for net zero goal by 2050 Southwest investigation report Pilot said ‘Let’s Brandon’ in flight House Rules Committee will not meet Monday on reconciliation package MORE on Monday he championed immediate and aggressive collective action to protect himself from the “existential threat” of climate change, telling world leaders that the next decade will be decisive in fighting the impacts of global warming.

In remarks prepared at the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow, Biden argued that the world is at a “tipping point” in the fight against climate change and that countries have only a “short window” to act.

“There is no more time to hang back or sit on the fence or argue with each other,” Biden said. “This is the challenge of our collective lives. The existential threat to human existence as we know it. “

“And every day we delay, the cost of inaction increases. Let this be the moment when we answer the call of history here in Glasgow. May this be the beginning of a decade of transformative action that preserves our planet and improves the quality of life for people everywhere, ”he continued. “We can do this. We just have to make a decision to do it.”

Biden said global warming is ravaging the United States and other countries by fueling wildfires, poor harvests, floods and record heat and drought.

“We know that none of us can escape the worst of what is to come if we do not seize this moment,” he said.

Biden’s speech comes as his administration tries to turn the page on several years of climate denial and inaction under the former President TrumpDonald Trump: Impressive Poll Gives Gloomy View of Burgeoning Anti-Democratic Opinions Southwest Investigation Report Pilot Said ‘Let’s Brandon’ On Flight Texas Police Denied Requests to Escort Biden’s Bus Surrounded by Trump Supporters – Report PLUS, with the United States seeking to regain credibility on the issue after withdrawing from the Paris Agreement under Trump.

Biden insisted Monday that his administration would show that America “is not only back at the table, but hopefully leading by the power of our example.” He noted that he took executive action on his first day in office to rejoin the Paris climate accord, among other steps the administration is taking to transition to clean energy. He also hinted at announcements about other new initiatives in the coming days.

“My administration is working overtime to show that our climate commitment is action, not words,” he said.

Before Biden’s speech at Monday’s conference, the White House sleepless its long-term strategy to achieve “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, under which the country will seek to eliminate or offset its climate pollution.

Biden’s speech occurs in the middle uncertainty about how much climate action will take place in the United States as Democrats debate the president’s broad national agenda.

The White House has crafted a framework for Biden’s climate and social spending bill that includes $ 555 billion in climate spending, but a critical program has been removed from Biden’s agenda amid opposition from the senator. Joe manchinJoe Manchin White House Unveils Strategy for 2050 Net Zero Goal Biden Triggers High-Risk Fight Over Spending Framework Buttigieg Twins Dress Up as ‘Twin Infrastructure’ for Halloween MORE (DW.Va.), and another major proposal remains at risk.

Democrats appear to be rallying behind the compromise framework, but they are still haggling over some of the details. Biden during a press conference on Sunday expressed hope that the bill would pass the House within the next week.

The infrastructure bill, negotiated with a bipartisan group of senators, includes funds to expand electric vehicle charging stations and make infrastructure more resilient to the impacts of climate change and extreme weather.

In his speech, Biden touted the White House framework, particularly its electric vehicle tax credits, clean energy manufacturing incentives, and tax credits to help people add solar panels to their homes and make them more resilient to climate change. .

“My Build Back Better framework will make historic investments in clean energy, the most significant investment to address the climate crisis that any advanced nation has ever made,” he said.

On Monday, Biden also invoked high world energy prices to advocate the switch to clean sources, arguing that they underscored the need for the global community to diversify energy sources so that people are not overly dependent on one source.

“We have to see it as a call to action,” Biden said. “High energy prices only reinforce the urgent need to diversify sources, redouble clean energy development and adopt promising new clean energy technologies so that we… don’t depend too much on a single source of energy to power our economies and our communities. ”

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