Scottish Papers: The world looks to Scotland at COP26 and Greta ‘mania’

Image source, The Scottish sun on Sunday
Screenshot, As the COP26 climate summit opens in Glasgow and welcomes leaders from around the world, on Sunday The Scottish Sun describes the international event as the “Glas chance hall”, saying there is “no time for loopholes”.
Image source, National Sunday
Screenshot, The Sunday National reports on the activists who marched on Glasgow on Saturday, and with a full page illustration of Earth from space, it says “stop the world, Scotland is on the move.”
Image source, The Sunday Post
Screenshot, The Sunday Post also dedicates its cover to the world event in Scotland’s largest city and writes “it’s time.” The document reports that the goal of COP26 is to reduce global carbon emissions by 45% from 2010 levels by the end of this decade, in order to keep the earth’s temperature rise at 1.5 ° C.
Image source, Scotland on Sunday
Screenshot, Under a picture of Greta Thunberg arriving in Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday describes the summit as the “world’s moment of truth.”
Image source, Sunday Mail
Screenshot, The teenage activist got a “rock star welcome” when she got off a train in Glasgow Central, writes the Sunday Mail. Almost 1,000 people were waiting to greet her and she was given a police escort through the police station.
Image source, Scottish Sunday Express
Screenshot, The Scottish Sunday Express brands the prime minister as “Boris the Gladiator” as depicted amid the ruins of the Colosseum in Rome on its front page. The document says Johnson has urged the EU not to back France in line and reports that the prime minister has argued that humanity’s future is threatened by rising global temperatures ahead of the ‘time of climate summit. the truth”.
Image source, The Sunday Times
Screenshot, The Sunday Times says that MSPs campaigning for climate change have been accused of hypocrisy because their parliamentary pension fund has stakes in fossil fuels.
Image source, Scottish Post on Sunday
Screenshot, The Scottish Mail on Sunday lead story is a report on a “massive cyber robbery” involving the jewelry firm Graff. The newspaper says that Russian hackers have taken the personal data of world leaders, celebrities and billionaires, leaking 69,000 confidential documents.
Image source, The Herald
Screenshot, Sunday’s Herald writes that a bitter funding battle could lead to the “end of NHS dentistry in Scotland.”

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