Iran accuses former officials of living a good life in Europe

Some Iranian officials from Hassan Rouhani’s previous Iranian administration moved to Europe on the pretext that “air pollution” was bad in Tehran. This is the indictment printed in Fars News in Iran, probably with the backing of the new government that wants to show the weak and bourgeois mentality of the previous administration.

The report says that Hojjatoleslam Alireza Salimi, the representative of Mahalat and Delijan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, has said that people at the level of vice minister had moved to Vienna and Geneva for many months.

The report comes as Tehran seeks to ban officials from leaving the country after those officials complete their work. “One of the problems of our country is that the second home of some officials in Iran, and therefore in their plans and actions, put all the eggs of the country’s problems in the basket of several Western countries.”

Indeed, Iranians like former Foreign Minister Javad Zarif were long suspected of preferring to live in the West, even when he was a member of a regime that yells “death to America.” It is typical of the Iranian jet-set elite crushing human rights at home and beating up the West to enjoy the good life abroad. Many of them were educated at Western universities, educated by the very system they claim to hate, enjoying their time in secular countries while their regime is busy persecuting women for wearing a headscarf inappropriately.

Western countries have generally tolerated this, even when citizens of places like the UK are kidnapped and held in Iran. While the West will not crack down, it appears that Iran may be cracking down on its own. “Due to these mismanagements, people see serious damage and those responsible for these mismanagements must be held accountable,” the article says. It also points out that inflation is out of control. Are they responsible for enjoying time abroad while Iranians suffer?

The European headquarters of the United Nations is shown in Geneva, Switzerland, on September 2, 2021. (Credit: REUTERS / DENIS BALIBOUSE)

Salimi added: “At this time, some of these people who were in charge in the previous government at the level of vice ministers and heads of important national organizations, have gone to Geneva and Vienna for two or three months under the pretext of air pollution. in Tehran and they have settled there. The issues of the country are interviewed and theorized and the country disintegrates. Last summer, some of them went to European countries under the pretext of the heat. ”

Iran’s regime is asking the tough questions that many countries ask when they discover that their elected officials are irresponsible or impose burdens on their people, but do not have the same burdens on themselves. Fars News notes “why are these people [who left] They will be allowed to play with national interests so easily while their performance directly affects people’s lives and they have the first-class information of the country at their disposal and their rebellious departure can be dangerous, so after fulfilling their responsibilities , there must be a reasonable and specific time to review the performance and the case. ”

Iran may try to ban former officials from leaving for a period of three years. Iran’s tough talk accuses former officials of being narcissists and says they should be held accountable.

A member of the presidium of parliament said: “Some people consider this plan an insult; while the insult is to act in such a way that people can no longer buy meat or stop buying some fruits.”

During the previous administration, those who benefited from Iran’s hardships, like Zarif, were busy with tweets mocking the United States and Israel while smiling with European officials at every meeting. While Zarif pretended to be close to the IRGC, it appears in private that he was criticizing key officials.

In the end, it may be Iran’s so-called hardliners who are actually accountable to those like Zarif, while Western countries went easy on Iran’s jet-set officials, fearful that the “hardliners” might rise to power. .

There is also another angle here. Iran’s current regime has been slow to return to talks with Iran. The former seemed to prefer conversations with Western countries, although it often misled the West. Those former officials spent a great deal of time in places like Vienna and Geneva under the guise of these conversations.

It may be that your real goal was simply to find a way to enjoy time in Europe, in good restaurants, hotels, and perhaps even violate theocratic laws at home. That may be one of the reasons why Iran was not eager to get back to the talks; partly because it was all a sham and partly because the new government has discovered that its own officials were not conducting official business, but busy at parties in Europe.

Either way, the new zeal with which the old officials are being punished appears to be a way of cleaning the house against Rouhani and others, accusing them of profiting while the Iranians suffer. Many of those who suffer probably know that the elephant in the room is the regime itself, not a few civil servants enjoying the good life abroad. It is the regime that shoots the protesters to death, not the cheese plate in some Vienna hotel.

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