Should we surrender to China now to end this?

Did you hear the one about the new China? hypersonic missile? Not everyone did, as most of the media and political interest in that potential power-tilting balance of impact seemed to disappear faster than the fiery weapon could fly.

All of which raises a serious and critically important question: As those in the US media, government, military, corporations, and entertainment platforms exponentially elevate social justice and equality like some of our biggest concerns and even threats, do any of them actually see people? ROC as America’s number one adversary and a nation consumed by global and even near space domination?

They should.

While there are a number of inequalities in our country that need to be addressed, those issues should not distract us from one overriding truth: China is in the business of winning and doing what is best for its long-term survival. That survival, his leadership believes, is based on establishing itself as the preeminent military power in the world.

That same Chinese leadership sees only one country on the way to that goal: the United States.

To this day, China believes that it is rising so rapidly – and dominating so completely across the board in the fields of land, sea, air, cyber, and space power – that it no longer has to worry about the subtleties of diplomatic language or pretense. . to disguise their true intentions.

About 10 days ago, President BidenJoe Biden Overnight Energy & Environment – American Clean Power – Supreme Court to Review Power Plant Rule Case Harris Makes Final Pitch for McAuliffe Overnight Health Care – Presented by Altria – Toddlers One Step Closer to Vaccine MORE he misrepresented the policy of the United States with respect to Taiwan. When asked at a CNN town hall meeting whether the United States would defend Taiwan should it be attacked by China, the president replied: “Yes, we have a commitment. ”

Whoops! Point out the instant pushback of the Biden White House. The next morning, the White House press secretary Jen psakiJen Psaki Early Response Unions Resist COVID-19 Mandates for Frontline Workers Taiwan President Confirms US Troop Presence Vatican Abruptly Cancels Livestream of Biden Meeting with Pope Francis MORE had to “clear up” the president’s wrong answer saying, in part: “I was not announcing a change in policy, nor have we changed our policy. We are guided by the Taiwan Relations Law. ”

Okay, so what does that do? Act of 1979 spell out? In essence, it says that the United States is committed to providing Taiwan with weapons for its defense in the event it is attacked by China. After that, Taiwan is essentially alone.

After Biden’s “misstatement” and his staff’s correction, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin did not even diplomatically bother. soften your answer or conceal its contempt: “On matters relating to China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and other fundamental interests, there is no room for China to compromise or make concessions, and no one should underestimate the firm determination, strong will and great ability of the Chinese people. to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity ”.

“Boom!” dynamite goes.

Is anyone in our government, military, or media paying attention? Even for those with shorter attention spans, the Chinese government and the military spokesperson simply put it as clearly and unequivocally as possible. China will not compromise or make concessions on any issue that it considers to be of sovereign, territorial or fundamental interest.

This is not a game and the People’s Republic of China is not bragging.

They have all the high cards right now because the United States, and most other Western nations, voluntarily (and quite surrealistically) handed those cards over to China. American corporations, tech companies, critically important pharmaceutical companies, Hollywood studios, universities, and major league sports teams now regularly and shamefully bow down and censor themselves at China’s leadership to ensure that Chinese money continues to flow into their entities and pockets.

It is an example of submission and greed that develops in the same way in other countries of the world.

For the moment, China is more than happy to simply continue to cut controls to tip the balance of power firmly in its direction. But, once again, they are not lying and they know they will need complete military domination to seal the deal. Hence the recent hypersonic missile tests.

So what is the problem with a hypersonic missile? Three things: As Raytheon’s CEO recently pointed out, America is “years agoChina in this technology. Second, the missile, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, can fly at very low altitudes and is so maneuverable that it is virtually impossible for existing missile defense systems to shoot down. That’s called a game changer of epic proportions.

While most of our media and many of our politicians ignored this astonishing news in favor of topics that would create clickbait or produce glowing adulation from the Twitter universe, thankfully one person waved the red flag of warning regarding this Chinese breakthrough: Gen . Mark milleyMark Milley The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Facebook – Democrats have many obstacles ahead Night defense and national security – Presented by Boeing – Milley warns of ‘Sputnik moment’ for China. Pentagon Official Warns ISIS-K Could Strike US In Six MORE Months, president of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Milley said during an interview with David Rubenstein on Bloomberg television: “What we saw was a very significant event in a test of a hypersonic weapons system. And it is very worrying. I don’t know if it’s a great Sputnik moment, but I think it’s very close to that. He has our full attention. “

Bravo, general.

The problem is that while that missile test, or the recent one from China antisatellite weapon test – could have your undivided attention, China’s biggest military, cyber, financial or subjugation measures are being ignored by those with the power to report, call, or confront them.

Again, we either see the People’s Republic of China as America’s number one adversary and a nation consumed by global and even near-space domination, or we don’t. If we do so, in the interests of our national security and our own survival, we have an obligation to defend ourselves. If those in power prefer to let China have its way, why not hand over the keys to our country and get it over with?

Douglas MacKinnon, a political and communications consultant, was a White House writer for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush, and a former special assistant for policy and communications at the Pentagon for the last three years of the Bush administration.

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