Locke & Key: series can crossover with The Sandman; understand!

In an interview last Wednesday (27) for the website CBR, the creators of Locke & Key, Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, gave more details about the future of the series and suggested a potential crossover between production and The Sandman, reliving an event that was published between December 2020 and September 2021 by DC Comics.

According to Hill and Rodriguez, respectively screenwriter and comic book artist for Locke & Key, DC’s television multiverse could gain another member in the coming years, after the Sandman series arrives in the portfolio of Netflix, which owns the airing rights to both productions. The intention behind the crossover is to relaunch, now in audiovisual format, the crossover The Sandman Universe/Lock & Key, published in partnership with publisher IDW.

The discussion of the series creators raised important points, such as the recent support given by Netflix to horror and dark fantasy stories, which have been gaining more and more prominence in the streaming catalog, as well as the official renewal for the third season. Something that gives more space to show new stories and diverse content.

“You never say never, but as a Sandman fan, my feeling is that I want to see Neil Gaiman’s stories. That’s what everyone wants, so my instinct is no. in the comics… We had a lot of fun with it, and if DC and Neil certainly seem willing, it’s always possible that there’s another story from Locke & Key in the comic book that explores some of the outer corners of the Sandman Universe,” said Joe Hill.

(Source: CBR / Reproduction)Source: CBR

“Specifically, I’d like to do another story, if for any other reason, to explain why the two universes overlapped in the 1920s, but not by the time we get to Kinsey, Tyler and Bode, because they don’t exist in one. universe with Batman and Superman. But of course Roderick Burgess is in a universe with Superman and Batman. There’s a story in my head that explains why these two universes split and we need to make another Mary Locke story to tell that,” he concludes. .

Season 2 of Locke & Key is available on Netflix, while the first of The Sandman follows without a preview of the debut.


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