‘Why do I reunite dead cats with their owners’

A woman whose cat was thrown into a landfill without her knowledge is on a mission to reunite the deceased felines with their owners.

Natalie Bennett tracks deceased and missing cats via social media, before scanning them for a microchip and contacting the animals’ owners.

Ms. Bennett’s cat, Trinity, was found dead on the side of the A52 in Derby last year, before city workers got rid of her.

Although Ms Bennett said Trinity had a microchip, Derby City Council said they couldn’t find one when they scanned her pet.

“She [Trinity] it was thrown away like trash and that was horrible and that was what hurt the most, “Ms. Bennett said.

Derby City Council said that all pets they collect are scanned for a microchip and deceased pets are now stored for a month so owners can be notified.

Videojournalist: Alex Thorp

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