Vicarious Visions will lose its name under Blizzard’s tutelage, rumor says

Vicarious Visions studio, which gained fame with its Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and with the late Spider-Man of PSOne, will lose its name and fully serve as a support team for Blizzard. At least that’s what the information coming from the team’s employees, who spoke about the matter with Polygon, says.

The announcement is not yet official, but since January it had been announced that Vicarious Visions would become part of Blizzard. The loss of the name, however, has another impact on expectations for the future of the team.

According to the leaked information, it was announced in a call with employees on Wednesday (27th) that the studio would no longer be called Vicarious Visions. A new name has not been revealed, but the team hopes it will look something like Blizzard Albany, as the studio is located in Albany and that’s how Blizzard names its affiliates.

According to Polygon, many of the employees received the news without alarm, as it was somewhat expected to happen. But there are those who felt a bit “in the dark” with the information, particularly underscoring the promises of more transparency that Activision Blizzard has made since it began its massive process in California.

The folks at Vicarious Visions recently achieved renewed fame with their great work on the remaster of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, and they’ve also worked as Blizzard’s helpers on remastering Diablo 2.

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