Supernatural: Lucifer actor gives his opinion on the character’s arc

Lucifer was one of the most anticipated and most memorable characters in the history of Supernatural. Played by Mark Pellegrino, the character first appeared in the series’ 5th season and participated in the plot until the penultimate episode of The CW series.

Recently, in an interview for the website TV Insider, the actor commented a little about the participation in the television program and the story of the character he played.

(Source: The CW/Reproduction)Source: The CW

Pellegrino’s Vision of Lucifer

Asked about the character’s participation in the series, Pellegrino defined what was his favorite moment and the most memorable moment of Lucifer in the series. “The Lucifer in the Season 5 finale was the most significant Lucifer in a lot of ways. He was scary and subtly funny,” said the actor.

He remembers that Nick’s arc made the character even more terrifying, since he was someone even more human who, despite having good initial intentions, ended up falling into temptation by becoming more and more addicted to power.

“I liked going into that particular arc, which goes from a guy discovering his past and wanting to do justice to his family to someone becoming so in love with power that he gives up all virtues to have it again,” recalled Pellegrino.

Mark Pellegrino also commented on the fact that Lucifer was a father, which almost caused a plot twist for the character. In the actor’s view, the connection created between Nick and Jack, played by Alexander Calvert, could have perhaps generated a spark of kindness in him.

(Source: The CW/Reproduction)(Source: The CW/Reproduction)Source: The CW

“I think the crucial moment that maybe made Lucifer cruel was when Sam pushed him back to the alternate universe and wouldn’t let him come home with everyone. Otherwise, I think the relationship between him and Jack was changing him,” argued the actor. .

Another opinion of Pellegrino was regarding Lucifer’s relationship with Sam and Dean. The American actor thinks the series’ protagonists never gave the character a real chance. In the view of the Winchester brothers, he was evil and that’s that.

Currently, Mark Pellegrino plays Virgil Poe on the show Rust, from Showtime. The production is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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