Speaking of Europe: Hungarian government defends anti-LGBTQ law, tells FM to FRANCE 24

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It is a government that has repeatedly found itself at odds with the European Parliament, the Commission and other member states. Now Hungary is facing a delay in receiving roughly € 7 billion from the EU’s Covid-19 recovery fund. Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó sits down with Catherine Nicholson of FRANCE 24 to discuss those clashes and some of the problems behind them.

Those issues include: a controversial law prohibiting the representation of homosexuality in Hungarian schools; criticism of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe for the lack of freedom of the press in Hungary; the illegal use of Pegasus spyware on the private telephones of Hungarian journalists and lawyers; and the European Commission demands more guarantees against the fraudulent use of EU funds.

We also discuss the high per capita death rate from Covid-19 in Hungary, as well as the upcoming spring general elections, before which six Hungarian opposition parties have come together to present a unified candidate.

Produced by Perrine Desplats, Céline Schmitt, Isabelle Romero and Georgina Robertson


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