Once Upon a Time: fantasy series celebrates 10 years of existence

Once Upon a time, known in English as Once Upon A Time, debuted on ABC in October 2011. Since then, it has been a huge success and won fans around the world telling a story of what would happen to fairy tale characters if they ended up in the real world.

To celebrate the show’s 10 years of existence, the writers of TV Fanatic discussed some of the program’s qualities. In addition, Minha Série has separated some options for fans of Once Upon a time celebrate and delve even deeper into history.

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Once Upon a Time: How to Celebrate the Show’s Anniversary

For the big fans of Once upon a timez who are looking for a way to celebrate 10 years since the launch of the series, let’s present some options to get in the mood for the stories.

For starters, it’s a great idea to rewatch episodes of the series on Disney+. Or, if you want something more immersive, you can take the opportunity to discuss the series with other fans in targeted channels. And, who knows, even bet on a cosplay of one of the characters on the show to celebrate Halloween. What about?

Another option for those who want to delve into history and consume Once Upon a time in another way are comic books and books, an alternative way of living the fairytale universe.

(Source: Marvel/Reproduction)(Source: Marvel/Reproduction)Source: Marvel

Screenwriters evaluate the series

In a party atmosphere, some screenwriters who are part of the TV Fanatic commented on Once Upon a time. Laura Nowak, Becca Newton and Sarah Little gave their opinions on the show.

Laura praised Regina as one of the strengths of the series. The screenwriter claimed that the villain was the show’s most iconic antagonist and, at the same time, had the best redemption arc, making fans start rooting for her to be happy.

Sarah Little agrees with Laura’s notes about the villain. Sarah also singled out Emma Swan as her favorite character from the entire show. From the screenwriter’s perspective, actress Jennifer Morrison created a lovely, strong and very fun protagonist to watch.

Becca Newton disagreed and decided to give the award for best villain to Cruella. In addition, she highlighted a plot twist in particular in the series: the fact that Peter Pan is the father of Rumple. One of the most remarkable events of the series.

you miss Once Upon a time? What do you like most about the series? Comment!


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