Moraes Announces Arrest for Anyone Who Shoots Mass in 2022

The Minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes announced this Thursday (28), during a session of the Superior Electoral Court that judged impeachment actions against the ticket elected in 2018, that the candidate who uses mass shooting in the networks social during the campaign will be punished. The practice is already prohibited, but it was used in the last elections, which motivated the magistrate to make the declaration.

Moraes will assume the presidency of the TSE in August 2022 and said during his vote at the session that “the Electoral Justice, like all Justice, may be blind, but it is not a fool”. He says that “if there is a repetition of what was done in 2018, the registration will be revoked, and people who do so will go to jail for attacking elections and democracy in Brazil.”

The Bolsonaro-Mourão ticket was acquitted by the TSE for lack of evidence, however, the minister declared that the country will not be “taken by surprise” again, as it is already known how the groups operate, their tools and how to obtain evidence. “We are not going to admit that these digital militias try again to destabilize the elections through spurious funding not declared”, concluded the minister.

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By citing reports by journalist Patrícia Campos Mello, from Folha de São Paulo, Moraes stated that there is a “hate cabinet” and that this will not be tolerated in 2022. “We can acquit here, for lack of evidence, but we know what happened. We know what has been happening and we will not allow it to happen. We cannot create a precedent, look at everything that has been done and wipe the rag”, he said.


Alexandre Moraes is rapporteur for three other Federal Supreme Court inquiries involving Bolsonaro, including fake news, anti-democratic acts and the one investigating whether the president tried to interfere in the activities of the Federal Police. In addition, the STF requested a suspension of the current president’s social networks for disseminating false information.

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