Locke & Key: Season 3 of the series could be very different from the comics

Recently released by Netflix, the 2nd season of Locke & Key continued with the saga of the main characters in a curious way. And, it seems, things will change even more, with respect to the original comics by the duo Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, on the arrival of the 3rd season of the series.

As announced recently, the new episodes are already fully filmed. Thus, the public’s expectation is that at least an explanation of some of the main details seen at the end of season 2 will be shown. At the time, the Lockes needed to be firm in their convictions to confront Dodge (Laysla de Oliveira) in a battle full of challenges.

Although they managed to beat it, the consequences could be dire. Tyler (Connor Jessup), for example, has spent the entire season trying to get closer to the keys and the issue of magic. However, after all that he had just been through, he finally decided that he no longer wanted to be involved in that world.

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All of this came out of the creative minds of the production’s scriptwriters, who looked to the source material for just an inspiration for the development of the narrative. In this sense, it is quite likely that, going forward, the series will distance itself even more from the comics, promoting news to fans and trying to approach the plot in a more elaborate way.

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During the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Joe Hill stated that he had long plans for some stories from Locke & Key in the comics, especially those that would involve the infamous World War Key. In its initial conception, the saga would be developed in 37 chapters, bringing direct references to several wars already seen in history.

Although this has been left out in the original media, it seems that the series could follow the same path thematically. As such, there is yet another indication that the scripts will not follow everything that is in the comics, although they are still drawing on the authors’ ideas.

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