Ice Cube leaves film for not wanting to take vaccine against covid-19

Actor Ice Cube, known for law Angels e A Hall of Noise, left the movie cast Oh Hell No, feature film in which he starred alongside Jack Black. According to information from The Hollywood Reporter, Cube abandoned production after refusing the producers’ request to be vaccinated against covid-19.

It is estimated that the actor and rapper lost a fee of US$ 9 million (approximately R$ 50 million, at the current price). With the departure of Cube, production of the feature was paused for the second time until Sony found a replacement. In June of this year, work had already been halted when actor Jack Black was injured off-set.

This is the second film abandoned by Ice Cube since the beginning of the pandemic, as the actor should have been part of Flint Strong, a drama about boxing fighters. However, it is not known what led to his departure.

Actions during the pandemic

The actor’s decision took fans by surprise. That’s because Ice Cube promoted a broad campaign encouraging the use of masks during the pandemic. The actor even donated two thousand masks to a school in Oklahoma, in addition to raising money for frontline doctors in hospitals.

So far, neither the film crew nor the actor has commented on the case. There is no forecast for the release of Oh Hell No.

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