Google Pixel 6: Users report multiple screen issues

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro officially arrived in North American stores this Thursday (28). However, users of new devices are already reporting various screen-related issues.

For example, some standard Pixel 6 are showing a green tint on the display. This defect is common in OLED panels and has previously occurred with certain Pixel 4 XL and Pixel 5a fixtures.

Pixel 6 display has a green tint due to OLED failure.Source: GSM Arena/Playback

On social networks, videos from Pixel 6 Pro also circulate with a strange static effect when the device is turned off. When the person quickly presses the on/off button, the display starts flashing at the top or bottom.

According to the Android Authority, the problem does not appear when the button is pressed to turn on the device. Also, it doesn’t seem to affect usability or flicker when the phone is turned on.

However, the most bizarre problem occurred with a Pixel 6 Pro which had a second hole on the screen in addition to the front camera cutout. As the device’s owner said on Twitter, rather than being a dead pixel patch, the display actually had an “extra aperture”.

Luckily, the consumer was able to return to the store and exchange the defective device.

Google has not yet commented on the case.

It’s surprising to see that, right on its debut, there are several negative reports about the Pixel 6 displays. For now, it’s hard to say whether these are punctual issues or “standard defects” of the new cell phone line.

In any case, this should not happen in premium category models with relatively high values. In the US, the standard Pixel 6 sells for $599 (about $3,370 in direct conversion), while the Pro variant costs $899 ($5,060).

Google has yet to comment on the screen’s problems. Apparently, the manufacturer must be evaluating the cases before publishing an official notice about the case.

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