Goal: owner of Facebook is creating smartwatch with camera

Now called Meta, the company founded by Marck Zuckerberg and which concentrates Facebook and other services may soon launch a smart watch.

An image of the product was caught by Bloomberg when analyzing the application that handles another device of the company, the Ray-Ban Stories glasses. The rendering is the only mention of the model, which is code-named “Milan”.

Check out:

Meta’s smart watch.Source: Bloomberg

In looks, the device resembles the Apple Watch, current leader in the smart watch market and already in its seventh generation, with a square body and rounded edges.

However, the smartwatch does not have a protruding physical crown and has a front camera that occupies the bottom of the screen with a “notch”, similar to what is used in smartphones and now computers.

What is it for?

Aside from the traditional functions of a smartwatch, Meta’s idea, apparently, is to allow you to take photos, record videos or even participate in video calls while on the move and without a mobile device in hand — something that makes sense within the new ideas the company’s ability to capture real-world data from the user’s perspective.

The watch does not have any predictions to be announced or released, but previous rumors indicated a release for 2022.


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