Biden has private audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican

President BidenJoe Biden Former lawmakers sign brief to counter Trump’s claims of executive privilege in January 6 probe Biden appoints Sara Minkara as special adviser to the US on international rights of persons with disabilities Fox poll shows that Youngkin leads McAuliffe by 8 points among likely voters MORE on Friday I had a private one-on-one visit with Pope FranciscoPope Francis Night Defense & National Security – Republican Party Dissatisfied With Afghan Background Check When Biden Visits Pope, Weather Expected To Top The Agenda Vatican Abruptly Cancels Livestream Of Biden Meeting With Pope Francis MORE in Vatican City, a highly anticipated closed-door meeting between the second Catholic president in American history and the pontiff.

Upon the arrival of the president and the first lady to the Vatican, Biden shook hands with Monsignor Leonardo Sapienza, who heads the papal house. Then he went down a reception line of papal knights to greet them.

“It’s good to be back,” Biden said as he stood in the greeting line. “I’m Jill’s husband.”

Biden wore a dark blue suit and the first lady Jill bidenJill BidenFox Poll Shows Youngkin Leads McAuliffe by 8 Points Among Likely Voters Night Defense and National Security – Republican Party Dissatisfied with Afghanistan Investigation 12:30 PM Report from The Hill – Presented by Facebook – Biden pleads with Democrats before heading to Europe MORE She was wearing a navy blue skirt suit with a mantilla, which is a shawl worn over the head and shoulders.

Biden was then escorted to the frescoed Apostolic Palace and Francis’ private library for his private and private press meeting which began around noon CEST. They were scheduled to meet for about an hour and then Biden will hold a bilateral meeting with Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican secretary of state.

The Pope and the president were expected to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic, address the climate crisis and take care of the poor.

The Vatican will provide edited images of the Pope and Biden greeting each other, but there was no live stream of the meeting after the Vatican abruptly canceled its plans on Thursday.

The Vatican press office did not provide an explanation as to why the broadcast was canceled. Meanwhile, the White House has referred questions about media access to the Vatican for this week’s visit.

The meeting of the president and the pope comes as the U.S. Catholic bishops debate whether Biden should be denied communion because of his stance on abortion. Biden has met the Pope three times before and this is their fourth meeting.

After the visit to the Vatican, Biden will hold a bilateral meeting with Italian President Sergio Mattarella, followed by a bilateral meeting with Mario Draghi, Prime Minister of Italy. Later that day, he will meet with French President Emmanuel Maron.

On Saturday and Sunday, the president will participate in the summit of the Group of Twenty (G20) in Rome.

He will meet with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and again with Macron on Saturday. On Sunday, he is scheduled to hold a press conference.

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