ARM’s Next-Generation GPUs May Outperform Mali-G710 by 30%

This Wednesday (27), ARM promised the release of a powerful GPU for 2022, during a developer conference. Although it didn’t detail a name, or a more precise metric, the company said the new model will offer up to 30% more performance than the Mali-G710, one of the company’s latest releases.

In addition to the performance improvement, ARM’s new GPU will also be more efficient in tasks involving Machine Learning — or “machine learning”, in the English term that refers to software that benefit from artificial intelligence for self-improvement. To complete, the company also claims that the model will have an FP32 accuracy up to 5 times greater than the Mali-G76 core.

ARM’s new GPU will have a big performance leap compared to its predecessors. (Source: ARM, WCCF Tech / Reproduction)Source: ARM, WCCF Tech

In context, it is worth mentioning that Mali-G710 itself debuted with a 35% improvement in processing power, compared to its predecessor. To achieve this feat, the company has partnered with Chinese gaming giant Tencent Games to deliver the best possible performance in mobile titles — with support for the technology. ray tracing.

Considering its high-performance niche, it’s possible that ARM’s new GPU architecture will debut in embedded processors like MediaTek’s Dimensity 2000 and even a new iteration of Google’s proprietary Tensor.

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