Airbnb launches urgent care line in Brazil; check out

Airbnb announced this Thursday (28) the newest security feature on the platform: the Urgent Helpline. Available in 11 languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, the tool allows hosts and guests to have easy access to highly trained staff for emergency situations during their stays.

The Direct Line was developed in 2020 and was initially only available in English. Aiming to offer fast and specialized support, the feature allows users to connect to a member of the Security team in the Community Service sector, with an average waiting time of 30 seconds.

Some of the situations where Airbnb encourages its users to use the Urgent Helpline are cases of a threat to physical security, the holding of an unauthorized party or a violation of privacy. The option to call the line is only available during the active stay, therefore it appears 24 hours before check-in and disappears 24 hours after check-out.

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If the application does not fit the urgent issues, employees can transfer the call to the general community service, so that the Security team remains available to deal with emergencies. At the Central it is also possible to find the Local Emergency Service, which directs guests to emergency services telephones.

The company is developing other community safety and security products and initiatives. Currently, in addition to the Security Center, the platform has an identity verification process and the Neighbor Support Channel, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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