Xbox Series X and S have sold 8 million units, analyst says

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles reached 8 million units sold, while the Game Pass passed 20 million subscribers. At least that is what analyst Daniel Ahmad, from Niko Partners, estimates.

As Microsoft does not reveal its raw numbers, Ahamad analyzed the company’s report and arrived at some estimates about its products and services offered.

According to MS, Xbox hardware sales increased 166% in the last quarter, and the company indicates that the result is due to the high demand for the Series X|S. The number of Game Pass subscribers also increased, but the percentage of growth of the service was not revealed. The last time Microsoft reported the number of subscribers was in January this year, when the Xbox Game Pass was accumulating 18 million active subscriptions.

Microsoft’s gaming division had revenue of $3.6 billion between July and September 2021, making it the best Xbox result in the company’s history for the same quarter in previous years.

With these data in hand, the analyst also estimated that Xbox’s long-term growth should continue to focus on content and services. In addition, Ahmad believes console sales should increase again by the end of the year, with the release of Halo Infinite.

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