Uber opens 160 jobs and expands technology center

Uber announced that it is expanding its Technology Center in Brazil and, consequently, the opening of 60 new jobs for engineering people across the country — totaling 160 jobs for different areas in the company.

The Technology Center is responsible for developing advanced technologies aimed at safety and now, with the expansion, it has two areas focused on Uber for Companies and Transit — an application feature that integrates public and private transport in cities.

The new positions focus on technology professions such as back-end engineering and Android and iOS mobile development. The teams will be based at Uber’s new headquarters in Brazil, the Uber Campus, announced in May. Even if they are located in the country, the tools and projects developed will be applied globally.

how to apply

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To apply for one of the vacancies, the interested person must apply through Uber’s careers page — available in English (US), Spanish (International) and Chinese —, neste link. The recruiting team will make a first analysis of the résumés, and will contact you to confirm participation in the selection process and inform you about the next steps.

Being 100% online, the process has two initial stages, being an interview with the recruiter and a one-hour session to solve an algorithmic problem, called Pair Programming Challenge. The purpose of this second phase is to evaluate the resolution process and not the solution found.

Those selected after this stage will be invited to the final phase, which will feature four more interviews. They should assess technical skills such as architecture, programming and problem solving, as well as a behavioral interview. To bring multiple views of areas and projects, the interviewers will be from different parts of the world.

Vacancies for different sectors

The vacancies mentioned so far refer to 60 opportunities in the technological area. However, the company is still opening another 100 positions in Brazil exclusively for black people and people with disabilities (PCD). Covering several areas, it includes vacancies for the commercial sector, communication, operations, service and business development.


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