The Witcher: Season 2 May Bring Game Plots to Geralt and Triss

According to information leaked last Wednesday (27) by the website Redanian Intelligence, the 2nd season of The Witcher should have references from the trilogy of released games, developing the relationship between Triss and Geralt into a love affair.

The report revealed a kind of synopsis about one of the possible scenes present in the new season of the Netflix series. In a statement, the website reported that the White Wolf and Triss Merigold will have their first moment of sexual intimacy in the fortress of Kaer Morhen, while both have doubts about Yennefer’s fate and assume that the sorceress of Vengerberg was murdered in Sodden.

It’s worth remembering that although their relationship is undeveloped in the books and there are only a few hints about a past together — Merigold is basically a supporting role in the Andrzej Sapkowski saga — Geralt and Triss are part of a deep love triangle with Yennefer in the CD games. Projekt Red, with the Maribor sorceress navigating between moments of protagonism alongside the wizard.

Check out the image released by the source below:

(Source: Netflix / Reproduction)Source: Netflix

So far, nothing has been officially confirmed, so all information revealed by the site should be treated as rumour.

A second season of The Witcher will be released on December 17th on Netflix.

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