New World of Warcraft Dev Studio has only men on staff

Founded by former Blizzard employees, Notorious Studios apparently has an all-male team. The information was released by Kotaku, who also points out that the only woman on the team would be a dog named Ellie.

According to the website, the studio’s page shows that the team is composed of only nine developers and two advisers, all men, in addition to the little dog Ellie, who would occupy the fictitious position of “Head of Office Morals”.

The studio, which is formed by professionals who have worked in World of Warcraft, caught the site’s attention after giving an interview to VentureBeat. When asked whether the allegations against Blizzard — more specifically against the team WoW — Influence Notorious, Chris Kaleiki has stated that his new team has been impacted.

Ellie Little Dog is listed as part of the team on the studio’s websiteSource: Notorious Studios/Reproduction

Kaleiki is a co-founder of the new studio and said in the interview that “what’s important is to start a culture without tolerance for harassment and the like, and also to be transparent and open.” He went on to explain that the flatter hierarchy structure in his company was created to avoid problems between superiors and subordinates.

“We want to have a flatter structure in which there is no rigid hierarchy,” said Kaleiki. “Harassment usually comes from relationships between subordinates and superiors. We hope that the flat structure solves some of these problems,” said the executive to VentureBeat.

Still, his new team apparently has zero women in its composition. According to a 2017 report, even Blizzard, accused of gender discrimination, had 21% of its staff made up of females. As Kotaku points out, it is somewhat difficult to have gender discrimination in an environment populated only by men.

As the studio was recently created and is in the hiring phase, it is possible that female professionals will join the team soon.

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