Metroid Dread wins ‘surprise’ demo for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo caught many gamers by surprise this week by suddenly releasing a demo for Metroid Dread on Switch. The producer called the idea a “Halloween treat”, which also resulted in a cool new image with the game’s theme:

Metroid Dread was released on October 8th to the acclaim of audiences and critics who had the chance to play. The praise for the game was not just in words, it was also reflected in sales numbers. The game set records and should help ensure that the franchise won’t go so many years without a new release again.

But it is not to be ignored that the title costs BRL 299.00 at Nintendo’s official store in Brazil. This is the fixed price, so it is not possible to find lower values ​​on official shopping channels, unless it is a specific promotion.

Looking at it from this perspective, a demo is not just a “Halloween treat”, but it does something absolutely necessary for players interested in Metroid Dread can make a more informed choice when investing so much money in the game.

Nintendo hasn’t officially released the size of the demo, but in replies to its tweet we have social network users commenting that the game’s share goes up to the moment the player receives the Spider Magnet and leaves the EMMI zone.

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