Metroid Dread: speedrunners reset the game in less than 90 minutes

Metroid Dread was released in early October, but the speedrunning community seems to have already found several ways to move faster through the title, with some players finishing the game in less than 90 minutes! Check it out below:

Owned by the Finn Samura1man, the 86-minute gameplay was praised for its fluid movement, interesting tricks and a great knowledge of enemy positioning, even being listed on the website as a world record, which was already broken by the Australian Hardpelicn, who managed to finish the game in 1h 25m 21s.

Of course, in these fast-paced games, what counts is the time, so many items end up being left behind, but considering that this new adventure from Samus has an average duration of ten hours, the feat is nonetheless impressive!

Metroid Dread was released on October 8th this year and is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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