Metaverse is Facebook’s Black Mirror? Users compare

During the afternoon of this Thursday (28), Facebook held the Connect event, where the company presented the concept of metaverse to the public, an idea that intends to unite augmented reality (AR) and virtual (VR) technologies in the physical environment.

Aiming to create “a hybrid of online social experiences”, the news drew attention for suggesting technologies very similar to those seen in the series Black Mirror. Dystopian production addresses the dark side of different technologies of the future, and some say that the Facebook event — or Meta, as Facebook’s parent company is called from today — is more Black Mirror than the series itself. Understand why.

This is too much Black Mirror

Among the new features is Horizon Home, an update to the VR service already offered by Mark Zukerberg’s company. With a Meta Quest 2, users will be able to access the “Party” option and party with friends in a virtual environment. There, each person will have their own avatar and it will be possible to chat, watch videos, play games, among others.

Not a few episodes approach technology in this way — with realities in a third dimension bridging virtual and physical. San Junipero, White Christmas and Paytest address the same theme. The latter, for example, follows the story of a young man who, in search of money, accepts to be a guinea pig for a new VR gaming system that works through an implant in the brain.

On social networks, users quickly linked the episodes:

Another feature that gained updates was Supernatural Boxing, the fight VR app will gain new exercises used by professional athletes. For some fans, it was impossible not to remember the fateful episode Striking Vipers, in which two friends live “intimate” moments inside a fighting game in virtual reality.


To check out all the news in Metaverse, visit the link. But what about you, would you like to live with some technology shown in the series Black Mirror? Tell us in the comments!

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