LinkedIn launches platform for freelance work

LinkedIn unveiled its new “Service Marketplace” feature to facilitate contact between companies and freelance workers on the social network. The update will allow the creation and search of profiles of users who wish to promote themselves as available for temporary jobs and will make the platform a direct competitor to Upwork and Fiverr.

There are still limitations to the initiative: there is no dedicated option for payment negotiation, and it must be done in a conversation between the service provider and the company. In addition, a grading system is offered, but only the payer will be able to rate the trader. Also, freelancers can’t look for “spots”, so they need to be discovered to get opportunities.

According to the portal TechCrunch, the novelty was originally identified in February and went through a testing period in the United States, reaching nearly 2 million customers. After the evaluation period, the initiative was launched globally this Wednesday (27).

Example of publication to publicize the “freelas”Source: Reproduction/TechCrunch

The “Service Marketplace” is currently available with 250 job categories, which will expand to 500 in the future. “We’re scratching the surface,” said Matt Faustman, product manager at LinkedIn.

how to enjoy

To create a “self-employed” page, go to your personal profile, find the “Render services” button just below the biography and set up the ad following the social network’s instructions.

It is possible to inform up to 10 competences It is possible to inform up to 10 competences Source: Reproduction / Tadeu Mattos

Those interested in searching for professionals need only type the necessary function in the search bar, which is at the top of the interface, and filter the search with the “Services” tag.

Mobile interface from the perspective of the company looking for a specialistMobile interface from the perspective of the company looking for a specialistSource: Reproduction/TechCrunch

Faustman explained that the focus of the update is on contractors and the absence of job search for freelancers is intentional. However, a system for combining payments will be evaluated by developers in the future.

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