Lightyear: Fans compare Buzz to Joe Swanson from Family Guy

After the development of the first images of the film Lightyear, from Disney, fans of the Star Command Patrolman of Toy Story dominated the internet by comparing him to Joe Swanson of Family Guy (Family Guy), highlighting the striking similarities that exist between the characters.

Surprisingly announced this past Wednesday (27) by Pixar, Lightyear is an animation work derived from the popular franchise Toy Story, now focused on the younger version of co-star Buzz. The film, which has already received a trailer confirming Chris Evans (Avengers) as the hero’s voice actor, revealed the first images of the plot, and fans couldn’t avoid a curious visual comparison between the toy and another animated character: Joe Swanson, from Family Guy.

This came after the audience was relatively shocked by the revelation that Buzz had hair, as due to his space suit in Toy Story, many thought he was bald. And, in fact, the comparison between Buzz and Joe is something full of foundation, being virtually impossible to avoid after being seen for the first time.

Check out one of the posts below that highlights the visuals side by side:

Certainly the policeman of Family Guy it has nothing to do with Buzz, possibly not even as inspiration, as there are many differences between the productions and their universes are totally opposite, so to speak.

However, there is no denying that it would be easily possible to create a worthy fan fic relating the patrolman’s future with Joe’s past. Maybe we won’t see this soon?

Lightyear will be released on June 17, 2022.

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