Israeli company Vertical Field to open vertical farms in Russia and Ukraine

Israeli agricultural company Vertical Field, known for its innovative vertical farming technology, is partnering with major retailers in Russia and Ukraine to establish vertical farms at its branches.

The first of these farms opened earlier this month in Krasnodar and Dnipro, and they are already starting to provide steady harvests of fresh produce to sell at retailers.

They will soon expand to other branches of the Russian retail chain Magnit and the Ukrainian chain Varus.

These vertical and sustainable farms were developed by the Ra’anana-based company owned by Michael Mirilashvili, using geoponic technology, agricultural expertise and smart design. This is especially useful in “urban food deserts”, which generally lack space available for growing crops.

Vertical farms get around this limitation by creating vertical growing platforms to essentially grow produce on the walls. These greenhouse growing fields are portable and roughly the size of shipping containers, ranging from 20 feet to 40 feet long, which can fit in a parking lot, allowing supermarkets and grocery stores to grow and sell their own produce. grown at home. outside the door.

In Ukraine you see a vertical agricultural unit directed by a vertical field. (credit: DJC.COM.UA)

Farms come with a number of other advantages over traditional farming. Its container-like nature provides a controlled growing environment, ensuring greater sterility and keeping it safe from insects, and therefore does not prevent the need for pesticides. It also enables automated crop handling, limiting human contact and allowing for consistent quality.

In addition, it also produces less waste, as well as a 90% decrease in the amount of water required.

But perhaps most importantly, it is not limited by traditional growing seasons, as all crops are “in season” throughout the year, have shorter overall growing cycles and a longer shelf life.

And, by growing produce locally, you also reduce waste in the supply chain.

“Product will hit the shelf within minutes, immediately after being harvested on the vertical farm, and customers will clearly see where the greens are coming from,” Magnit’s internal production director Vyacheslav Krasnoyarov said in a statement.

“This technology is respectful with the environment, optimizes processes and improves product quality.”

“We already have portable vertical farms growing 4-wall crops in various locations around the world,” said project leader Menni Bushuev.

“In Russia, we are also integrating a nursery, where the seedlings will be grown for about 10 days before they are transferred to our modular growing pods. Plants are grown vertically under optimally controlled conditions with sensors that monitor, detect and assign inputs based on data such as: irrigation, lighting, fertilizers and climate control. After approximately three weeks, the product is ready for harvest and sale. The vertical farm has been designed to be conveniently located on site, next to supermarkets, restaurants, institutions, city centers, hotels, educational institutions and more. We’ve already developed protocols for growing 50 varieties of leady greens and herbs, 6 varieties of mushrooms, and now the protocol for everyone’s favorite fruit, strawberries, is on the way. “

During the last two years, the company has signed new agreements around the world.

In November 2020, Vertical Field began working with the Israeli supermarket chain Rami Levy, opening a vertical farm at its Bnei Brak store.

In January 2021, it signed an agreement with Emirates Smart Solutions & Technologies (ESST), an agricultural developer in the Persian Gulf, to implement its proprietary vertical farms in the United Arab Emirates.

In May 2021, the company signed an agreement with Carlson Management to supply assisted living housing in California with vertical agricultural units on-site, beginning with a demonstration unit at Glen Cove Senior Housing in Vallejo.

Idan Zonshine and Aaron Reich contributed to this report.

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