Google had record revenue of $65 billion in the quarter

This last Tuesday (27), Alphabet, owner of Google, revealed an incredible financial result for the company. Third-quarter revenue surpassed all the limits that companies have conquered in recent years: in just 12 months, quarterly sales rose from US$46.2 billion (R$256.6 billion at the current price) to 65.1 billion (R$361.5 billion).

In addition to being responsible for the biggest search engine on the internet, Google also sells thousands of ads on its search network and YouTube, and the numbers have increased considerably during the pandemic. In total, revenue rose 41% over the same period last year.

Google grew bigger than ever

Net income was estimated at $15.8 billion, but companies managed to reach $18.9 billion between July and September. While shares in Facebook (20%) and Microsoft (39%) rose relatively well, Alphabet gained 57% in this penultimate quarter of 2021.

“Our consistent investments to support long-term growth are reflected in strong financial performance. We continue to deliver on our business, providing useful and valuable experiences for consumers and our partners,” said Google CFO Ruth Porat.

Total advertising revenue was $53.1 billion, and of that amount, YouTube earned $7.2 billion — compared to $7 billion in the previous quarter. Google Cloud, meanwhile, had revenue of US$4.99 billion, representing US$1.5 billion more than in the same period in 2020. However, the cloud service also failed to reach the forecast of US$5.2 billion.

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