Google, Apple and other big techs unite for diversity

Announced this Thursday (28), the Catalyze Tech coalition is promoting an unthinkable meeting with a grandiose goal at the very least: the union of global technology giants, such as Apple, Google, Snap and Twitter, to jointly build a new paradigm DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), which can transform the entire Silicon Valley into a holistic, collective and sustainable environment.

To be part of this effort, the technology giants will have to revolutionize their internal cultures, based on their recruitment and supplier indication processes. In this sense, companies must agree to adopt four main guidelines: recognizing diversity as a business imperative, improving the flow of young talent, adopting equity and including it in their relations with suppliers, product design and hiring practices.

The ACT Report

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Catalyze Tech’s primary tool, the ACT Report is not intended to teach business union with DEI. According to this model of commitment, “expanding the talent pool, closing the skills gap, and creating a diverse workforce to engage the global economy are prerequisites for a successful 21st century business.” These conditions were formed during the pandemic until they erupted, in an explosive way, in the Negras Importam movement.

As a key element in reducing inequalities in the workplace is starting with young people, the Catalyze Tech coalition will donate $20 million to colleges to train black and Hispanic teachers in computer science. The goal is to work with these underrepresented groups in creating new, relatable models of behavior.

While the technology industry’s approach to DEI assumptions has historically been dispersed, individual, and short-term, Catalyze Tech’s ACT Report believes that the challenge of making the industry more inclusive requires a systemic response to a known systemic problem. This means an entrepreneurial approach to inclusion in business. In other words, DEI and negotiation can no longer be separated.

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