Facebook: Metaverse to be released for work, social media and more

O Facebook announced, this Thursday (28), during the Connect event, that it will launch several solutions for work, fitness, games and for social networks of Augmented Reality (AR, in English) and Virtual reality (VR, in English).

According to the company, the news is part of an “effort to build the metaverse”, which will look like “a hybrid of online social experiences, expanded to three dimensions”.

Check out the tech giant’s top announcements on AR and VR devices below.

  • Horizon Home: Horizon Home will be an update of the company’s current VR service. Among the novelties, the solution will have parties for friends. When users join an Oculus Party, with Oculus Quest 2, it will be possible to invite people to the meeting in the virtual environment. The party will use the avatars of users and within the space it will be possible to chat, watch videos together, play games and use applications.
  • Messenger calls on VR: Soon, users will be able to communicate with friends on Messenger with VR calls. Calls in a virtual environment can be made from anywhere.
  • Supernatural Boxing: Fight VR app will gain new exercises used by professional athletes.
  • Active Pack para Quest 2: Facebook is creating a fitness accessory pack that makes Quest 2 more comfortable, with handles for when the physical activities get intense and a facial interface that can wipe away sweat, making your sessions more comfortable. The novelty arrives in 2022.
  • News for work: Among the corporate news, Quest will gain features such as the ability to log in with a work account instead of a personal Facebook account. It will also bring businesses the tools they need, such as account management, IDP and SSO integration, mobile device management and more.
  • Apps coming to Quest on Horizon Home: Soon, apps like Slack, Dropbox, Instagram and others will work in VR with a 2D panel in Horizon Home – so the user can perform multiple tasks at the same time. The intention is to bring 2D internet tasks to the metaverse. Today, apps like Facebook, Instagram, Smartsheet and Spike will be available.
  • Workroom customization: The workrooms of companies in Horizon Home can be personalized with the logo, posters and all the visual identity of the companies.
  • Polar (codename): This is a new free app that will have a closed beta for iOS, which makes it easier for content creators to imagine, create and share AR filters and effects without the need to code or work in Spark AR Studio (Facebook software) .


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