Ellen Pompeo would have received $5m for not ‘snaking’ Patrick Dempsey

Actor Isaiah Washington, who played doctor Dr. Burke in Grey’s Anatomy, was fired from the cast 14 years ago, but his departure was fraught with controversy. After countless seasons, he continues to make sour statements about his time on the show.

Now, in a radio interview KBLA 1580, Isaiah said that actress Ellen Pompeo would have received $5 million (R$27.6 million at current prices) for not exposing Patrick Dempsey’s toxic behavior on the recording set. The actor played Derek, his romantic partner.

According to him, the “on-the-fly” payment occurred during the height of the #MeToo movement, in which several celebrities reported cases of sexual harassment and abuse on set.

Isaiah, fired after allegations of homophobia against co-star R. Knight, says his departure was only to stifle Dempsey’s behavior and keep up appearances for the main couple. “It was an agenda to cover up the toxic and nasty behavior of many of my former co-stars on that show… And on top of that was Patrick Dempsey.”


Recording confusions

Isaiah took the opportunity to recall other cases involving the actor. According to him, no one in the production wanted Dempsey on the show and the cast dubbed him ‘Captain Poison’. Isaiah also claims that he suffered racist comments from his co-star.

“He even liked me, but as soon as we talked he said, ‘Isaiah, did you know that white men are the masters of the universe?’ And I said, ‘Do you really believe that?’ Then he nodded: ‘Absolutely,'” he said.


The rivalry between the two would be for financial reasons. “I was the highest paid person, next to Patrick Dempsey. Apparently the information was leaked and there was a lot of resentment. I understand, but it was based on my roles and my resume. I can’t help it,” he said.


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